The Drone-Wolf and Creative Sanctions

For the past 6 weeks straight some individual of questionable motive has been grounding flights at Dublin airport with the use of drones. This individual, who I will neither celebrate or condemn, has embarked upon a mission to punish the benefactors of the very entry point where a vast majority of the illegal scroungers and terrorists have been using to enter our beautiful country. Michael O'Leary, who has been silent on the drone matter for 6 long weeks has now come out and lambasted Eamon Ryan and called on him to do something or resign. In other words, Michael O’Leary wants strict controls over what is allowed into Dublin Airport. The Hypocrisy here is straight off the rock.

What has caused the sudden outburst? has this been a slow build up of angst or has there been other contributing factors? Well I can tell you this is absolutely a result of a lesser known incident only a few days ago when the Dublin Protest Committee successfully carried out a Flash-Mob style protest at the Airport roundabout holding all outgoing traffic at the airport for a considerable amount of time. O' Leary, a renowned regulation abuser and abstentionist from the principles of a fair society knows full well if the protestors blocked the incoming lane that planes would be grounded. This was warning shot from a core group of northside Dublin protestors that have been on the march for their communities for 4 months now. These guys are not money driven, or there for fame. The core group of organisers stay out of the limelight where possible and keep the demonstrations on message. Something that draws their neighbours out night after night.

One can only presume the drone pilot is an #IrelandisFull supporter and not just an aimless anarchist. I say this as I am not in favour of gaslighting and denying facts. This solitary drone operator is single handedly grounding flights in the Republic's only "real" airport. The topology of Irelands infrastructure is unique in that sense because as an island nation we can bring the capitalist machine to a standstill at will. We need to not only remind them of that, not only as threat of action, but it is now time to normalise such activism as we have seen with the airport roundabout protests and port tunnel protests etc.

Creative activism is now on the books. There is a genuine reason to revolt against the order in place. There is a particular sarcasm to Irish vendettas that you wont find anywhere else and I believe it is not only justified, but necessary, that the capitalist elite suffer a long period of creative sanctions from the good people of Ireland. This is something the traditional Marxist should be all over but true to his new partnership with Davos, The marxian anarchist is preoccupied with providing human shielding for multinationals and is dependant on upper middle class Ireland for funding and direction. It is up to the A-Political, working class centrists to provide the volleys of carnage and disruption while the right and left paradigm burns itself out in online chatrooms.

Parties, hoping to be elected in the coming election, cannot be seen to be taking part in this type of activity. They must maintain their image with their established voter base and also the maybe vote. The type of pragmatic activism that will turn this around will be the non party free radicals who will not be bound by party dictates while the parties who will be hoping to collect our votes will be able to campaign in the mainstream, parallel to us but yet free from the stigma of our pragmatism and disruptiveness of the general population. This Drone man is a prime example of this. Whoever he is, if he is a member of a party 'on our side' then he will potentially be doing more harm than good, if caught. It is imperative that any acts such as this remain grassroots, independent and decentralised.

Michael O'Leary has long been an antagonist of the working class in Ireland. His regular calls for what he would tell you is common sense economic policy are actually veiled threats against our democracy. Subtle hints early on in his career have developed into dystopian demands over covid 19 and climate change. Never forget this sociopath called for mass mandatory vaccination of the Irish people just so his planes could get moving again and went so far as to say we shouldn’t be allowed to buy food. An act, in my opinion, that should have had every single man and woman in this country out on the streets with pitchforks. The failure then, of the wider population to voice their disgust at this, was a big low for the Irish as a people. It was akin to the soup drinkers of the of the past keeping schtum to get their bowl of gruel. I can tell you no such pressure is on you right now but this is only a window of opportunity. There is more of the insanity to come yet. There is many protests yet to commence on many issues they have chambered in pursuit of our hide.

Those of you who have yet to attend such protests should at this point be asking yourselves, how long can you keep your head in the sand? We seen this type of ‘Mé Féiner’ before. We seen it in 1916 when the people of Dublin spat on the revolutionaries while they were alive and drank to their legacy when they were dead, having never lifted a finger. We seem them in Nazi Germany watch the minorities get purged from society and they sat back knowing their eye and hair colour kept them out of the Malthusian purge lists. We seen these people silence their own family members during the various Catholic Church abuse scandals. We seen them during covid flashing their Gesundheitspass as if they were part of a privileged club. They are now running out of people and places that will tolerate their selfishness. As for those interested in making change happen, this wave of Creative Sanctions against the wealthy elite of Ireland has a place for any and all who have the creativity and the initiative to commit it to action.

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