Rally 4 Replacement

In what may very well be the most notable moment in this culture war of ours, The entire political establishment united yesterday, joined by their dependant NGO army, and were supported entirely by the Main Stream Media. They put on a display of absolute loyalty towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals but only managed to fall onto their own sword. Yesterday, February 18th 2023, we witnessed the passing of the Woke establishment. In their efforts to achieve the silencing of the Nation they committed the first ever recorded mass Hara-Kari. In place of a Katana or Tanto, SDG Goal 10 was the weapon of choice. Goal 10 is a nicely worded declaration of intent against the homogeneity of the nations of the world via the use of planned migration. You will note the absence of this explanation from the rally yesterday that happened under the banner of Ireland4All. Once you read the literature around these goals, you will view all of the terminology and phraseology used by the establishment in a new light. For a deeper insight into Goal 10, please go to Professor of Right’s Video. 

Now that I presume you understand why these parties, portraying themselves as a variety of democratic choices, have assembled together like worker ants, it is important to clarify the intricacies and curiosities of yesterdays affair. First of all, this rally has been advertised for weeks all over local and national radio, television and social media. There has been every excuse made to prop these people up and deliver an event that was supposed to wow and amaze the public. The event itself had a professional event stage not unlike you would see at Marley Park for a concert. This stage was occupied by a line up of failed second rate performers, some up and coming rap artists with south east London accents and the absolute spacer that is Christy Moore. These personalities could barely register a cheer from a crowd that were only in attendance to fulfil part of their career development more so than advocating for refugees. The end result of this affair is astounding. The speeches were laboured, read off sheets of paper, and poorly received even by their own crowd. Christy Moore, who himself was the key objector to the presence of a Direct Provision centre in Dalkey, sang his usual Spanish Revolution song Viva la Quinta Brigada, again, reading the lyrics off a sheet and almost pausing entirely at times to find himself. The decision to accuse the working class of Ireland of being collectively Fascist through the use of his music was extremely hypocritical and poor taste considering Stephen Bedford, who was in attendance, had live streamed himself driving his car through protestors while blaring Anti-Fascist songs from his radio only days earlier. Not only is this his approval of Bedfords vehicular attempt at murder, but it is his message to the Bedfords of the world, go ahead lads, I am behind you. 

The event as a whole contained no message of peace, restraint from violence or even a single condemnation of Bedfords actions. Nobody asked bedford to leave. Steo Wall, a man suspected of stabbing a fellow inmate to death while in prison, climbed onto the stage after a chat with Richard Boy Barrett in his latest instalment of his new career as the Irish version of Michael Rappaport. This event filled with murderers, people with violent histories and zero morals did not address Bedford incident whatsoever. In fact Bernadette McAlliskey, a celebrated activist, doubled down on the Bedford support. She said the question that must be asked of the nation and of individuals is "Whose side are you on?”. I will ask you the same, Are you with the ‘Far Right na Heireann’, the Irish working class who want to maintain their communities, future and homogeneity, or are you with the globalist establishment who send the likes of Bedford into crowds of women and children to frighten us all back inside our doors and back in front of the gogglebox. McAlliskey, I can only speak for myself but I know I am not alone when I say this, go and fuck yourself you traitorous hag. 

That’s the best I can do in regards to the events on stage, there is nothing else to report that I have seen as there is so little footage available online. This event was a complete misfire. The establishment used expired and faulty ammunition and failed to aim their weapons correctly. Their bluff last November, which they have since been forced to commit to and go all in on, has lead to the sustained use of hyperbolic terminology like ‘Far-right’ and ‘fascist’ to label and terrify the good honest people of Ireland. They have run these words so much through the blender that even established left wing dissidents have had to call them out for being ridiculous, excessive and downright sinister. The attendance at the event was claimed by the media to be 50 thousand but when advanced crowd measuring tools such as mapchecking.com you can estimate the crowd to be about 6700 in size. Considering the Number of NGO’s in Ireland is 30,000 plus and the number of registered members of the various political parties that championed this event are collectively in the tens of thousands also, this event was a resounding no show.

Additionally, The absence of a counterprotest has worked out in our favour immensely as a whole. The professional victims on the left wanted a confrontation yesterday. They wanted to chant and scream at people as they hype men and women G’d them up from the stage. They wanted the big bad far right to come down to the Custom House and behave like animals. They had surrounded themselves with special needs people at the stage and event had a sign language expert on stage to let the deaf people of Ireland know that they were also fascists. They were waiting there with 100’s of thousands worth of the best cameras money can buy. You can bet your last euro that the public order unit, just around the corner, had violence pre approved and chambered for use. The confirmed presence of Journalist and Political activist Tommy Robinson in the city also had tensions heightened with two schools of thought almost perfectly divided on whether or not his participation in our affairs here were welcome. I will admit I was against his presence here but I will be the first to say his work in the UK, for the UK, is phenomenal. I could talk about the Tommy Robinson issue for days as I was conflicted as many were on the issue but I simply could not ignore some of his stances where Irish people, in particular in the North, are concerned. I simply cannot put politics over my country or the people that live in it. I believe in a future part of Ireland’s story where the political divide is less pronounced and more conversational real estate opens up to us as Irish men and women again. This Anti Mass immigration issue has brought people together.

We must remember, yesterday, through the absence of the ‘Ireland Says No’ collective, the idiosyncrasies of the parties, NGO’s and Millionaire Marxists were laid bare for all to see. They were all staring into their phones and aimlessly into the distance for the vast majority of the day. The minimal presence of foreigners supporting this condescending charade is a sign of a societal IQ and gratefulness, within foreign nationals here, that may not be present elsewhere in the world. If they do not have open support for us it is clear they understand us and they are not threatened, nor should they be, by our actions. I want to openly thank all those Non-Native people in Ireland for not allowing the establishment to use your skin, culture or heritage to attack us. Your conscientious objection through your absence is appreciated more than you will ever know. As for the skin-grifters who did attend I will show you the same courtesy as I did to Bernadette McAlliskey above, Go and fuck yourselves you anti-Irish degenerates. Yesterday was the absolute best effort, all hands on deck style campaign they could muster and it was a resounding failure. Ireland4All, February 18th, 2023, was a knee-jerk and desperate response to the Virgin Media poll that showed that 90% of people were on the side of Ireland Says No and it was telling through all of their actions. Nial Boylan of Classic Hits fame ran a Twitter Poll concurrently with yesterdays affair. The Poll asked participants would they attend Ireland4All, IrelandSaysNo or none. The poll as of writing this almost exactly in line with the Virgin media poll. 

This poll running parallel to yesterdays event was absolutely genius by Niall. The poll showed that over time, as Ireland witnessed events unfold, they did not approve of these people and less so as the day passed by. See for yourself —> HERE.

The highlight for me is the video of the individual who gave the entire Sinn Fein contingent the hair dryer treatment. To see ‘Irelands most popular party’ walking with their heads down in shame as a solitary warrior chastises them in front of the GPO for being traitors to Ireland was a thing of beauty and will go down in history as the second best speech ever given on O’Connell street. The Patriots of this country are, at times, immaculate. The Art of War is in full effect in Ireland. It is being deployed expertly by some, amateurishly by others, and not at all by this government. Another rally is organised by Ireland Coming Together on Saturday 25th of February with the Dublin Protest Committee also gearing up for massive rallies. Confirmation of an event on Paddy’s Day is the one that has me most intrigued. I want to close off this article by reminding everybody that by exacerbating and fostering a housing crisis using immigration, this establishment can force a referendum on property rights. We will be ready to vote such a referendum down.

“A clever general, therefore, avoids an army when its spirit is keen, but attacks it when it is sluggish and inclined to return.” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

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