Why do the media hate us so much?

For those of us who have been consistent critics of the mainstream media in this country, the last few days have been vindication for us. The newspaper of record, “The Irish Times” and their so called reporter Kitty Holland were exposed for having at least partially covered up a story in which they alleged men with baseball bats and balaclavas assaulted migrants who were camped out in tents in Dublin after an alleged assault had taken place where a migrant had attacked an Irish girl. The Irish Times later changed their story to say that there was simply a verbal altercation at the campsite. The “white, Irish men” who committed this imaginary atrocity have not been identified. The Gardaí say that there was an incident but that

nobody was injured nor have they received any complaint. Despite the fact that Kitty Holland and her team had cameras at the scene there has been no footage released of the incident itself. Her excuse has been that she and her photographer had just left the camp when the incident was taking place. This may be an explanation of why there is no footage of the attack itself but then why is there no footage of the aftermath of such a callous and brutal attack ? The reality is that we all know the answer: It never happened. Nobody was injured after whatever argument ensued between locals and the migrants. And the shameful conduct of the Irish times is apparent to all of us who are awake to what is happening in this country.

There is a growing climate of fear in this nation of ours. Commissioner Drew Harris is rolled out every fortnight to warn of the dangers of far right domestic terrorists, while Irish women are being raped by people who have entered the country illegally. The government are legislating for “hate speech” laws (thought crimes) while very few citizens can see a doctor, buy a house, or aspire to a thriving locality. And the media is lecturing us about the immorality of protesting immigration as we’re watching the slow decline of our rural tourist towns. Make no mistake about it, the college educated, technocratic elites despise those of us who view this country as a place where citizenship value is prioritised. These elites are embodied by our media class who believe in an entirely different conception of Ireland. They want the country to be overrun with unvetted illegal immigrants. Not because they believe it will be good for the country, but rather, as proof of their inherent goodness. Their virtue signalling has reached such a level of cult like popularity in Dublin 4, that it has become their religion.

I actually have a personal experience with these media types. I sat in many of the same lecture halls as them during my time as a student in DCU. Even then, it was wholly apparent to me that these people had no intention of ever becoming journalists in the traditional sense of being a “fourth estate” with ethical guidelines and impartiality to guide them. Instead, they were concerned with promoting a political agenda, one that has been cultivated within universities in order to stop anyone asking questions about the political establishment in Ireland today. This agenda includes social reform, a slavish devotion to the European Union and a distaste for the westphalian system upon which western democracy has been based. Anyone in a lecture hall who objected to some of their moralistic preachings on progress received nothing but a sneering condescension. Similarly their professional lives have continued on a similar progression where journalists cannot even be held accountable by their editors to refrain from printing stories which have no basis in truth. The ideological agenda has become king.

So why are the media so intent on spreading this disinformation? It is because they view anybody who sees the dangers of mass illegal immigration as deplorable and irredeemable. The fact that this plantation of Ireland will lower working class wages, breed crime and put an intolerable strain on our country’s resources mean nothing to them. They will continue to reside in the Dublin bubble punching down against the little guy. The minimum wage worker who works hard, pays his taxes and loves his country will not stand for this. They hate us because they know we have a socio economic argument which is bomb proof. However much they smear you as racist or sexist, you must know it is because they have no answer to the case for economic nationalism. That is why we are seeing the emergence of a newly fragmented media landscape with Gript and many of my colleagues at we the people.ie leading the fight against a mainstream media which has become enemies of the people. As long as we hold ourselves to the highest possible moral standards, we will win, because we do not hate.

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