Was ever a nation so beset?

It is daunting and hysterical in equal measure to be called a fascist and a Nazi by persons who oppose your liberty and view your path to freedom as a quest for racial hygiene but one must revel in the fact that the general public now openly sees the accusers for what they are, spooks. There has never been such a clear definitive victory of conscience, in my memory, as can be found in this swing towards Nationalism in Ireland this new year. We have seen politicians go down, the general public open its eyes to the cronyism and politicisation of the NGO sector and best of all, The World Economic Forum is on everybody’s lips. Look no further for proof of this than the Tonight Show poll ran on Virgin media which resulted in one of the most vicious death blows to the establishment to date. 90% of the general public agrees with the protests. This is by no means an achievement to be scoffed at. We were up against the entire state machine after all.

Right now as we speak, families and friends are talking among themselves, away from the conflicts of interest such as their job and political affiliations and they are asking each other, what the hell is going on? Why are we filling every empty building we can with persons unknown, packed in like sardines, with no cultural integration whatsoever? why are they doing this unannounced, and suddenly? is it because if they didn’t, people would prevent it? why is it are they spending so much so quickly, moving sun moon and stars for foreigners and the homeless Irish are left unaided? Unless you are paid to say different, Ireland agrees, this is an unacceptable policy. We see this for what it is, an invasion of men who have declined to fight for their own countries while our media glorifies the young Irish men that leave for Australia or Ukraine.

For too long now the knowledge of what is happening has been kept just out of the reach of the general public, either through political double speak or censorship. Lately this has changed due to the absolute unrelenting will of the Irish Freedom Movement in our mission to expose the mass migration plans of the UN and the World Economic Forum. The reasons behind the population replacement are almost entirely about the removal of the national identities of the world. As long as a Nation has its borders and its people, there will never be a single world order, of which the globalist elite vehemently pursue. Instead, they must keep the world under the fog of what John Waters calls the politics of permanent crisis. War displaces people and pulls on the heart strings of nations such as Ireland with our generous spirit, however it also creates the perfect opportunity to break down the expectations of hard borders, of natives being the dominant majority in their own countries and to always be at the wheel of their own destiny. This concept that they want to make us forget, is known as popular sovereignty and it is enshrined in our constitution as well as in the Proclamation of Independence. They aim to suppress the culture and traditions of our beautiful world, forced out of society by cultural differences and the fear of reprisal from the Uni-party who legislate against our natural ability to defend ourselves by birthright. The Gael and our wild brashness however, are proving to be a most difficult beast to tame.

On January 12th a mass protest was held all around Dublin and in other locations around the country. The protest was against the Direct provision centres and the use of Irish Assets and resources to house a disproportionate amount of immigrants, 40% of whom are here illegally and 67% of whom are men fleeing the responsibility of war, nationhood and family. This type of enablement is a magnet for, exclusively, men of poor character and questionable motives. The crime rate in Ireland has spiked since the injection of migrants into communities within the last decade. Only lately has the full terror of these centres come to light with mass stabbings, assaults, drug abuse, rape, prostitution and medical emergencies par for the course as up to one thousand people, all from different religions and cultures are crammed in together in a dystopian version of hunger games. None of these men bring with them any trades or skills meaning that if they are to be given access to the job market, they will exclusively be competing for entry level roles against the young Irish who need these jobs to supplement their college grants also a launchpad for their careers. To further kick the young Irish in the teeth, the immigrants are being placed into accommodation normally reserved for students to allow them to live in Dublin and other population centres as they study. They are brought here to breed us out or at least to remove us from the dominant position in the labour market in our own country. This is how they seek to destroy the Irish. Displacement and disenfranchisment.

We were warned in our past about this from the great James Connolly, a socialist, when he said the following in relation to immigrants:

“Provided the position was an ordinary one with no war in question and these people came to this country they ought to be welcomed no matter what their nationality might be.
But the present situation was an extraordinary one. It was not a case of a man or two men but a possible case of a whole army being dumped down here.”

The rest of this discussion can be found here in this excellent article from The Burkean.

This was no one off either. Connolly again expressed it in his articles in the Worker’s Republic entitles ‘The Slackers. 1,2,3’ which you can read here:

The Slackers 1
The Slackers 2
The Slackers 3

So then, why are the modern socialists not only advocating for the plantation of the working class in Ireland but also now turning completely against their own country? The answer is obvious when you compare their statements and positions to those of our immortalised patriots. They are not socialists at all. The people who label themselves as socialists are actually Faddists and Cranks like Connolly said they would be. They are European socialists which really means they are anything Europe tells them to be. The World Economic Forum, through its many NGO’s and Government agents, fund these groups and furnish them with flags, badges, emblems and the like and fund their excursions around our country as they try to convince our youth to join their cause. Almost no republicanism remains within them other than their need of its imagery and perceived valour that comes with it in order to present to us, the Irish people, their assumed station of arbitrators of Irish history.

We are the 90%. Our ranks contain foreigners, travellers, LGB’s, spiritualists, atheists, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, republicans, Nationalists, rational internationalists, Socialists etc. The only thing you won’t find at one of these protests is State media. RTE, Newstalk and their partner online publications have backed the wrong horse. Citizen journalists like Stephen Kerr, Suzie Delaney, Philip Dwyer, Derek Blighe, Robert Pierzynski and many others who simply took out their phones and showed the world what was happening to this country have lead the way by bringing the sense of duty back into the bloodstream of the nation. We now need the next wave of citizen journalists to come forward, we need to grow our ranks. We need to be too big to tackle, too fast to catch, too strong to hold back. We need to remove the shackles of public opinion, for it is now on our side, and push for the absolute demise of the one party system in the Republic of Ireland. We need to regain our constituencies through new candidates that will implement national policy instead of international decrees, that will act only in line with the Proclamation of Independence and the Irish constitution. The entire Nation has our back. It is now that we need to lead this charge against the traitors, measured and unforgiving as we go, leaving no quisling without his dues.

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