The undying spirit of the Gael - Ballymun

The spirit of the Gaedhil has awoken in Ballymun. The epic scene of young Irish men driving forward their chariots towards the plantation centre to face the gall. Like Scythian horselords on the Steppe with the blood of Brian Ború and Eoin Roe O'Neill flowing through their veins proclaiming to the world that this land is their land and no planters will take it from them. The long downtrodden Irish people came out in their thousands to let the anti-irish establishment know that their intention to turn their only home into a plantation will be vigorously opposed.

With clear intent Horseboys of Ballymun stepped out alongside the throng on rubber wheels behind neat cobs where once Láeg drove on the legendary pair 'Liath Macha' and 'Dub Sainglend' under the singleshaft of Cuchulain's chariot - the hero of the Gael.

The Gaelic chariot itself evokes the heroic self image of the Gaedhil. From the legendary tales of Cú Cullian and the Fianna. The most noble and skilled warriors rode on chariots. The image of young Irish men on a chariot standing up for the rights of the Irish people and no one else's permeates deep in the Irish psyche.

Young Irishmen have begun to realise that the traditions of their forefathers are much stronger than anything failed liberal Ireland can ever give them. This new age of liberalism offers short-term gratification in movies, porn, videogames, drugs, degeneracy, junk food and social media whereas the traditions of the Irish people offer hardwork, love, sacrifice, family, community, culture and faith. Young Irish men must realise that they are standing on the shoulders of gallant heroes and it is up to them now to carry on the noble struggle against evil empires that seek to impose their will on the Irish. It is then the Irish will wake up and see that they have strength.

Let the scenes in Ballymun, East Wall, Killarney and elsewhere serve as a reminder that the spirit of the Gaedhil is not dead, the Irish people are still capable of vision and that the genius of their faith and traditions will sustain them against even the most powerful evils in this world.

It was through vision and imagery like the chariots in Ballymun that the visionary genius of 1916 was realised. By having the courage to dream of a free Gaelic and Catholic Ireland despite centuries of oppression by a masonic, protestant and Anglo-Zionist empire the men of 1916 brought the heroic spirit of the Irish nation back into existence. For this reason I encourage all Irish people to continue to courageously have that dream.

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