We Blame You!

So firstly, we would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our readership and thank you all for the support in 2022, in the first year of our project. But predictably only a day or two into 2023 and we are already off to a flyer. It's been a very eventful start, to say the least. Sadly not as positive a start as we would have hoped for though, as the murmuring fears and concerns of the dreaded 'far right' didn't take long to manifest from the theoretical and hypothetical dimension, into the practical and rudely shoehorn themselves into our collective reality. An unwanted pregnancy foisted upon the Irish population, by the rape-like strokes of a bureaucratic pen, now showing early signs of bringing a premature conclusion to what was anything but an immaculate gestation. Those who seem to have adopted abortion as one of their progressive secular sacraments, strangely on this occasion seem absolutely determined to bring forth this unwanted illegitimate, half-baked foetus into the physical world. The clumps of blood and cells they often refer to, looking ever more likely to metamorphose and present themselves in a different form, almost certainly on our pavements and roads as a result of the wanton acts of violence coming in the imminent wave of chaos. Of course they themselves plan to shirk their responsibility and absolve themselves of any wrongdoing. They only want the instant gratification from the intoxicating ejaculation of faux-virtue. Post orgasm, leaving the Irish taxpayer in their stead as the surrogate father, footing the heavy maintenance bill and subsequent unknown costs associated with the raising of 'Rosemary's baby'.

Three serious incidents have taken place already in the past few days, two in direct provision centres and one unrelated tragic killing of a young lady. Her boyfriend has since been charged with her murder. Unlike some, I don't place huge significance to the fact that this man is a non-national, as crimes of this nature between lovers are relatively commonplace across all cultures. Joe O'Reilly and Eamonn Lillis, being two very high profile such murderers in this country in the past, so we are by no means exempt from this phenomenon. The story is also fresh and fine details have yet to fully emerge and it would be unwise to jump to any conclusions. The other two incidents however are an entirely different matter. They are a direct result of irresponsible, ludicrous government policy. The voice of concerned citizens who have disgracefully been depicted as racist by the State/media/NGO complex, who warned of the exact possibility of such occurrences for a number of months now, of course falling on deaf ears. Women and children were callously moved into the ESB Building in East Wall from more suitable accommodation where they had previously been housed, in a purely politically motivated move in order to present the appearance that the occupants inside were not solely and exclusively men. A move that should make it abundantly clear to all, just how much the perpetrators of this ongoing treasonous crime (ie. our government and their band of cheerleaders) value the wellbeing of these human beings.

The sight of members of An Garda Siochána leaving the complex with large evidence bags the night before New Year's Eve, strangely not deemed newsworthy by a mainstream media likely preoccupied with the pressing matter of the favourite flavour smoothie of Vogue Williams or Conor McGregors latest addition to his watch collection. We have heard not a whisper more other than the pictures snapped at the scene on the night in question. Flatulence in the wind will likely enjoy more airtime henceforth, one would imagine. The other incident on January 1st, was slightly more difficult to ignore due to the ambulances at the scene in the former tourist attraction of Killarney. It was reported that up to five people were injured some with stab wounds, there has since been eight arrests (all migrants, reportedly a mix of Albanians and Algerians), with up to twenty involved in the altercation, providing an early indication of what lies ahead for these formerly peaceful communities, who now must cater to the needs of hoards of unvetted men - who to a man are all potential criminals due to this fact alone - it's a future of antisocial behaviour, violence and an overall complete lack of safety judging by these two separate incidents in Dublin and Kerry.

Let me me perfectly clear here. Although these men are engaged in unlawful activities at present, which is also likely to continue into the future with the current conditions they are being subjected to, I do not blame them. The vast majority of the Irish population who are now tarred as racist or xenophobic, I believe will also agree with me. We blame you! You the puppet Irish government reminiscent of Vichy France. You and your supporting cast of professors and civil servants. You can sling mud by calling us racist all you want, in an attempt to misdirect, obsfucate and obscure the issue, we don't care! For us this issue, although complex in detail, is pretty straightforward at its root. These men simply shouldn't be here. End of! That is down to you, they are only here because of you and your pact with foreign powerbrokers whose tune you dance to. It is your fault and absolutely no one else's. We don't know who any of these anonymous men are, but we do know who you are! You are allegedly paid to represent us. We the Irish people have had enough of you and are sick of the repulsive sight of you. You, our employees who flagrantly waste our hard earned tax money, which now amounts to mere petty theft, as we see no benefit to us and you no longer even bother to pretend.

That means you Roderic O'Gorman, who courts the company of paedophile rights activists, while simultaneously sending out a beacon to every third world criminal, that our beloved land of Ireland, now represents a chance for them to scrub their records clean and get free money and digs in the process. You, Paschal Donohoe, who threw a tantrum at the prospect of men in drag being unable to read stories to children in Tertula bookstore on the opposite side of the country to your constituents whom you have never, to my mind, shown a similar passion for. You, fake opposition leader, Mary-Lou McDonald whose party, Sinn Féin/IRA (oh yes we remember, despite the sickening Tubridy love in, where by all accounts your dress was simply stunning) can even now in the present day, be separated from the world of criminality only by the width of a cigarette paper. You, Gary Gannon who arrogantly claims to speak for the entirety of East Wall, while at the same time dismissing them as troublesome racists. We are sick of the whole woke lot of you!

And lest we forget you Jamie Connington, who we would not even have known about, had you not inserted your well fed, cheese and wine laden bulk into the equation, masquerading as a local resident with a fancy pink leaflet, betraying your NGO fat cat credentials. Occupying numerous interest conflicting posts with a long history of telescopic philanthropy with other peoples money. A Trocaire box made flesh with a CV Mary Robinson might envy. A meme friendly mush if ever there was one. You really should be thanked for your sheer arrogance and lack of self awareness for visibly showing the public exactly how their tax money is being spent and how the shadow government (and its operatives like you) functions, amalgamating the state apparatus with the universities, who in turn funnel seamlessly into NGO's. A backfired attempt to undermine a justified local demonstration with your pop-up NGO, 'East Wall here for all' no doubt funded by us, the taxpayer. Even the title is unimaginative and cringe inducing. All your third level education and haughty sense of superiority couldn't prevent you from being utterly dismantled and owned by a cool, calm, collected working class man who could smell your bull dung from across the street as you pranced from garden to garden with all the grace of a lame heifer.

Rest assured that we in the public will remember all of this and all of you! Articles such as these will serve as a chronology of all your misdeeds. Another Aisling Murphy situation is not only possible because of your shenanigans, it is inevitable and going by the Swedish experience, which their new government are now attempting desperately to reverse, will occur multiple times over. The statistics rarely lie and we are heading for an almost identical disastrous situation going by current projections. We will make sure that your names are attached to every single victim that comes from these policies and every single person who loses a daughter or a son as a consequence will know the part you played in it. Every rape, every drop of Irish blood spilt will be accompanied by your sticky, blue-cheese fingerprints.

Since March of 2020 you have all enjoyed being the bully. You have revelled in it in fact. Like the bigger, stronger Ivan Drago, you have beaten Rocky Balboa to a pulp for multiple rounds and have him on the canvas seeing stars, as the black and white stripes of the referees geansaí turn to zig-zags. Like the fictional Italian stallion the Irish people are slow learners with a kind loving heart and have only just begun to realise that they are being punched. But we have an indomitable spirit and are now slowly lifting ourselves off of the canvas as the referee holds up his fingers to begin his count. 2023 will see the physically and emotionally drained, almost (but not yet) defeated pugilist, begin to apply some pressure of his own. With the element of surprise no longer an advantage, and with many of your tactics now exposed, how will you react under the spotlight, I wonder, when the lion-hearted underdog begins to punch back! Attached are the Swedish statistics: Download the pdf

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