"It could be racist" to stigmatise single men... It's drifting into dangerous territory". The words of Nick Henderson on RTE news a few short weeks ago, speaking in his capacity as CEO of the Irish Refugee Council. The comments came in response to safety concerns of Eastwall residents. Henderson asserted communities who demand single migrant men to be vetted "don't have a right" to this, nor a right to be broadly consulted by government or have a say on who comes into their area.

Fast forward one month and the IRC has demanded that 68 children be removed from the City West transit hub Centre for reasons which, upon examination, appear similar in nature to the concerns of many communities around the country, including Eastwall. That is, a fear for the women and children who are residing in close proximity to these large groups of unvetted single males.

The IRC has not, until now, agreed that these men are a risk to anyone, yet in a recent letter they paradoxically state "Grevious risks" are being posed to "women, minors and those with specific vulnerabilities" and that risks posed to children "should be the most urgent concern". They further state that there exists in Citywest "a risk of harm to children, owing to a total lack of privacy in terms of accommodation" and "the co-mingling of unrelated adults and children". Outlined are protestations regarding shower facilities not being segregated by sex or age, stating that this is "extremely inappropriate" and that they witnessed two minors queuing without guardians "in a line that included adult men".

Each and every concern raised by the IRC is worrying and valid. Just like the worries of communities. However, if we were to defer back to Henderson's own comments and apply his logic to this letter, then we can only conclude that he and the IRC "could be racist" (given that the CEO is accountable for the contents therein).The NGO leftwing hypocrisy is hardly revelatory of course. Nor is the inaccuracy of their accusations, and while it may be pedantry to note, it would not be racist per se to stigmatise these single males, it would technically be misandrist. If, that is, there was no validity to their worries (which there clearly is). In any case, Eastwall residents did not in fact publicly earmark brown or black men, nor did they say that the white men amongst them were not a cause for concern. It is Henderson who is making it a colour issue and therefore the only evidence of any racism can be found rather ironically in Henderson's own accusation. Racism is a word that they wield like a weapon to silence others, yet it is latent in many an NGO minion, bubbling beneath the privileged paragon of virtue conceit.

Aside from hypocrisy and racism we can also accuse establishment minions of consistently emphasising the human rights of one group of people (almost always non Irish) while wholly dismissing or ignoring the human rights of another group. In this case the latter is our native children. All children must be protected from potential predators and it is absolutely unacceptable that children are being put at risk in these IPAS centres. But also the children who live around these centres are being put at risk. Why does this not matter? The IRC can't have it both ways. They cannot realistically stand over inferences that these men are no risk to the children of the communities in which they are placed, but are a risk to the children in the centres where they reside. If this is the position they take then they are implying that any number of men can turn into pedophiles and molesters just by virtue of using the same bathroom facilities as minors, yet can magically transform into ideal citizens when outside their accommodation centre.

If this is what they believe then it flies in the face of having unisex toilets to accommodate biological males, which NGO's seem to uniformly agree is a great and very safe idea, due to their ubiquitously left leaning views.

It is more likely of course that this is not what they actually believe, but rather that the likes of Nick Henderson do not care about the rights of Irish children. Furthermore, he may not care about the rights of migrant children either, but is interested in covering his back and that of the IRC by voicing these concerns. Could it be that word has reached the IRC that there have been incidents of men raping children in UK migrant centres and hotels? Could this be the IRC's attempt to pre emptively lay the ground work to show that they tried to prevent such incidences by raising concerns, in order to avoid any accountability in the future, should an incident occur (if one has not already happened that we are unaware of). It may seem harshly cynical to even consider such a possibility. But we must ask why they did not speak up before, after all thousands of children have been wedged into these unsuitable spaces for quite some time now.

In reponse to the IRC letter, descriptions from O'Gorman's Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth make it sound very much like children are residing in prisons. There are Security guards manning the showers they exclaim, as though this is a great thing. It is a necessary measure to be sure, but it is not normal or healthy for any child and the psychological fallout of growing up in this kind of environment will be devastating, and have a knock on effect to society as a whole. One would wonder if these children are showering in unsegretated facilities, where do they get dressed and in front of whom? Do the security guards cover prying eyes as part of their job, or are these children afforded zero privacy? Surely, for those children whose parents are economic migrants, their home country would be preferable overall, rather than allowing their sons and daughters to grow up in such an abnormal damaging environment.

In regard to the department's response, it is possible the defence against the the IRC"s claims are also orchestrated. A collaborative effort between the department, the IRC and RTE to bring this information about security measures into the public domain is possible. Thus avoiding accusations down the line that the goverment didn't have any safeguarding measures in place to protect vulnerable children. One thing seems certain, almost everyone who is part of the current establishment cannot be viewed as trustworthy or invested in the welfare of any child, migrant or otherwise.

Take for example the Children's Ombudsman, Dr. Niall Muldoon within the same RTE article that quotes the IRC. Dr Muldoon is the current children's ombudsman and in reference to the City West transit hub he stated that "even in times of crisis, standards for children can never drop". This is interesting because during Covid 19 lockdowns he remained largely silent on how restriction measures, such as school closures and masks, and messaging affected children ("hugging your granny can kill her"). He occasionally made a half-hearted effort to voice some weak utterance about concerns, which seemed, like Henderson's comments, an attempt to cover himself in the event there may be consequences he could be held to account over. His true views were occasionally presented and are memorable for all the wrong reasons. He called for greater clarity on guidelines about mask wearing in schools because he did not want "a situation where teachers and shopkeepers were put in a difficult situation when a parent decided not to give their child a mask to wear." Sounds like Dr Muldoon has more interest in protecting adults like himself than protecting the interests of children he is supposed to advocate for.

Now when all is said and done he acknowledges the severity of the psychological damage of restrictions on children but has given no apology for not doing more to prevent that. The effects of which will permeate society for decades to come. All things considered, Dr Muldoon's comments in relation to the safeguarding of migrant children seem disingenuous. Either that or he cares only about Migrant children and not Irish children, as he has expressed zero concern about how the same single males he is worried about will be living in close proximity to children who inhabit the communities that are forced to host these centres without their consent. Many of which are situated directly beside primary schools, as is the situation in Breaffy, Co. Mayo.

In any case, the recent comments of Nick Henderson, the IRC and Dr. Niall Muldoon are thoroughly welcome. These children they speak of are at risk and the comments vindicate the concerns of communities who have been vilified, making figures like Henderson seem rather stupid, hypocritical and entitled when the IRC letter is juxtaposed against his comments from last month. He has further highlighted to the Irish people what was prevalent during Covid: its one rule for thee, another rule for me when it pertains to the political elite, NGO's and anyone else part of the establishment. It will hopefully not be lost on the public that their views and Henderson's are practically the same, except that Henderson and the IRC are allowed a platform to highlight their concerns without being castigated as far right scum for doing so. Moreover, Henderson and the IRC only appear to prioritise one set of children, as does Dr. Niall Muldoon (if they have any real concern is, as previously mentioned, debatable). This will not go down well with parents. All of this serves to weaken the hold of the establishment over the people and for the first time in three years we seem one societal step further away from capitulation to an arrogant and tyrannical establishment.

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