We the people have awakened from our slumber. We have finally removed the shackles of state-issued public opinion and ever intrusive nudge-based governance. We have for the the first time since the foundation of the state completely rejected the mandate of the sitting government.

The re-emergance of European Facism coupled with eastern, surveilance based social credit systems has created a race to the bottom for control over labour and autonmy. How did it get to this? Years of consumerism, progressivism and globalism had caused a great deal of Irelands people to succumb to the path most travelled by. Most of us, including myself, for the most part were passengers in a vehicle travelling in an ominous direction. We ignored politics and social issues and borrowed against our kids futures so we could have all the nice things corporate greed could offer. We placed so much debt on our kids shoulders that they are all now grown up and lost in a system of financial slavery.

This generation of people now still struggling to get on the property ladder have been at the mercy of the State in terms of grants, social welfware and rent relief. With rents soaring, property ownership dwindling and the society that was promised to us in our constitution becoming a thing of the past, The people living in this septic system started to question the source of these problems. Their questions did not bare fruit through the main stream media or daytime tv. They turned to the history books, alternitive media and their elders and they slowly peiced together the bigger picture. They were being played.

The beginnings of this modern truth and civil rights movement happened back at the time of the water protests. People full of contempt for their governemnt finally copped on to the privatisation of natural resources. They read the terms and conditions of the Irish Water contract and realised that this was an attack on their rights. They realsied that smart metres could be used for nefarious reasons by a tyranical government. And so they came in their droves to the streets, the housing estates and TD offices.

Role on 4 years and Covid-19 hits. The truths around what actually happened are disputed. But we have evidence in plain sight that the crisis, manufactured or not, was used to steer society towards a decired outcome.

This desired outcome is called The Great Reset, the brainchild of the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. Also dubbed, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schwab wants humanity to embrace transhumanism, to take a step forward into the digital age by using our own bodies to merge the internet with our biological selves, surrending the protections of our Nations constitutions and accepting what he calls a New Social Contract.

This sounds crazy right? thats because it is. You would not normally be worried what some theorist like Schwab says until you realise that the United Nations have agreed to implement his plan as part of their Sustainability Goals 2030 Agenda. These are the same goals that led to Irelands decision to bring in smart meters and charges.

The intention here is to install a smart meter on the human being. Combine this with a social credit score and this meter can be turned off and on based on whos behind the switchboard. Fine gael and Fianna Fail at the moment, who knows Sinn Fein next year?

The power to legislate and micro-manage your entire existence based on nudges, penalties and threats for minor infractions is not the existence any human being wants to live. Absurdities like being blacklisted from online purchases because of your expressed political opinion would become the norm in this new world. This system is already in place in China since 2009 by the Chinese communist party and has given them an unprecedented level of control over the lives of its victims.

Europe, and their ideologs in America want to bend the knee to China and hand over western civilisation in exchange for control over us their citizens. They want us under the thumb like never before. How could they possibly implement this I hear you ask? They need access to our bodies for regular implants. These implants have to be rolled out and adapted by the population quickly, on command, for them to be workable. They need a pipeline into the bodies of citizens in the world that does not have to contend with individual liberties. They need to make this necessary. A virus outbreak such as covid 19 could, would and did provide Schwab and the globalist world leaders exactly what they needed.

At the beginning of the pandemic Schwab siad the following in relation to Covid 19 “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world”. The propeganda around the vaccine program was the first sign of things to come. Who remembers the Late Late Show 2020 with the little red haired girl forcing a teddy, that did not want to take a vaccine, to take a pretend vaccine. The girl even name dropped Pfizer, 2-3 months before the vaccine would “hit the shelves” here.

It became apparant that a huge societal cataclysm was occuring. They handed well meaning vaccine recipiants a proof of vaccination card with no context provided. A month later while the program was progressing nicely, the road greased with the good will and community spirit of the masses, talk of vaccine passports emerged. For years anti-goverment skeptics cried aloud that the sky was falling. That digital passports would enslave us all. Here we were realising that the mad people ostricised by the media were right. The vaccine “certs” became “passports” and then as the summer was coming to end legislation was passed to segregate socity and treat unvaccinated people like second class citizens.

In the space of four months we went from “two weeks to flatten the curve” all the way to medical apartheid and half of the people of this country didnt utter a word. That half of society were seduced by dancing nurses, scared by the big yellow signs and captivated by the revolving headlines of cases and deaths. Through all of this fear based propeganda we have lost friends, family members to the cult. Their newfound dogmatic beliefs, absorbed from one of our new Covid Shaman such as Luke O'Neill, Have misled them to believe the cant live without this vacciine and many of them desperately clambered to get it.

This was by design of course. Alarmist propeganda with no scientific data to back it up was placed at the forfront of health policy. This tactic known as “Nudging” was adopted by NPHET under orders from the WHO. This was repeated in every country in the world as per WHO orders.

Far more people woke up to this intentional manipulation than was theorised it seems because the entire plan has backfired.

What the government, the world governemnt that is, didnt realise is that the other half of the people, the ones who saw exactly what what was happening, would go on to create one of the worlds largest, most diverse, decentralised movements in human history. And here we stand, our numbers growing daily. The censored experts, given a platform by the people, have exposed them all.

They call this the great awakening but I prefer the idea of the great unlearning. You are shedding your state-school programming and becoming a free thinker. An advocate freedom and human rights.

This is a fight that can be won but we need to play the long game and wear them down. Huge protests regularily will put these charlatans right back into their boxes. Mass non-compliance will prevail.

Stay the course. We need to advance on these people. Its time to bring back the unity and ferocity of the water protests. We need to see 80,000 plus people in Dublin again. Put ideology, theory and politics aside. Stand together.

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