The Changing Age

Nowadays, it seems that the Irish nation has lost its way. Never, in the history of our great nation, have we appeared so weak, so morally lacking, so tired and full of existential dread. Spiritually we are stuck within a quagmire of post-Catholicism due to the many abuse scandals perpetrated by the church and its priests on this island. Linguistically, the Irish language is dying out due to the scant regard given to it by the Irish government, who are only too eager to destroy our native tongue in order to appease foreign financial interests, in other words to spend money on the Irish language is too expensive for the Irish government. Culturally, we have become so Americanised, that our young people are speaking in Californian accents because of their perpetual consumption of American entertainment media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Disney+ etc, not to mention the plethora of mind numbing, chewing gum for the brain TV programmes offered up to us like a Happy Meal from the UK. The youth today can recount the plot lines and characters of the latest Marvel movie series flawlessly and with great enthusiasm, but will be completely clueless as to who the great hero Cúchulainn is, or will struggle to name any other Irish revolutionary hero, other than Michael Collins, (for obvious reasons).

Especially within the last 3 to 4 decades, this hollowing out of the Irish experience and psyche has gained pace, destroying the confidence and strength of character the nation once had in the immediate aftermath of its revolutionary period and hard won independence from Britain. In particular however, the last 20 years have been excruciating. Whether its the adoption of the Euro currency, thereby making us dependant on the financial whimsies of the Franco-German unelected bureaucratic aristocracy in Brussels, leading to the near collapse of the country as a result of the 2008 financial crisis, ultimately resulting in the theft of Irish youth from ever owning their own homes or being free to raise families of their own as a consequence of their governments policies. Or uncontrolled migration, results including the driving down of service sector wages, increased pressure on social services such as housing, healthcare, education and welfare, never mind the marked reduction in social cohesion or increase in crime rates, particularly violent and sexual crimes. Or the latest American export, Wokeism, whose whole goal it is to undermine the already tired and unconfident nations into doing its neo-marxist bidding with its focus on intersectionalist, and oppression politics. If we, as free Irish people, wish to counter these, and other threats to our history, heritage and culture, we must re-engage with what we have left behind, and move forward with the vision our ancestors had for us. How do we re-learn what has been forgotten by nearly all? We look to the past for inspiration, and use it as a guiding flame to light our way to a new future.

In this land, the Isle of Destiny (Inis Fail), inspiration is everywhere. In every street, every alley, every field, every glen, every mountain, every beach, there contains countless tales of heroism and sacrifice, victory and defeat, love and hate, life and death. In every high place in this country there are burial mounds, created by hundreds if not thousands of hands, placing stones atop the interred remains of great men and women, thousands of years ago, so that even in death, they could watch over this land and their people, and they watch us still.

We must honour the past and carry it with us. We have a great history, and a proud tradition of passing knowledge through the generations. This knowledge must not be lost, lest we lose ourselves. We must keep up our proud lineage, our outsider, rebel spirit, from the stories of the Red Branch Knights, to the Fianna, the Woodkern, the Raparees, all the way through to the IRB and Irish Volunteers. We must not lose the histories of the lives of the Saints of this land, whom in the dark ages of Europe acted as a beacon of light and knowledge, without which all of Europe would be the poorer. We must not ignore our native language, we must elevate it and honour it, for to lose it would be to destroy the very beauty of Ireland itself, from its poetry and myths, to its placenames and humour.

We must step back, gather ourselves, and gain inspiration for who we are and what we want ourselves to be. Only when we have a clear vision for the future ahead of us can we act and reject the slavish global order being forced upon us by the enemies of our nation. Only one question remains.

What will inspire you?

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