RTE and the Deterioration of Irish Culture

The good citizens of a country pay €160 per annum as a tax to allow the state broadcaster of said country to peddle one-sided information, with heated fake debates, sprinkled in for flavour and just to present some sort of illusory degree of balance, credibility and believability. There is often rigorous scrutiny of topics with the outcome already pre-decided. Like two children stating that their favourite colour is green but a raging argument ensues over which shade they prefer. Or which is the the best vaccine to take, for example, Pfizer or AstraZeneca etc., with the notion of abstinence not even a remote destination point, it doesn't even feature within the narrow band of already determined parameters, a wild extremity applicable only to crazed outliers who are considered an awkward, or indeed dangerous influence on polite society and must of course be silenced. Their harmful ideas must not only be censored, but all who espouse them must be labelled and excluded from the conversation and if possible, society itself. An attempt which almost succeeded if it were not for the stoicism of the heretics in question.

The proceeds of this fee go towards paying the wages of broadcasting 'stars' such a Ryan Tubridy and Joe Duffy, television and radio's biggest names on a wage of €495,000 and €392,494 respectively. These two stalwarts are not alone in their take home of such an enormously generous remuneration at the pleasure of the taxpayer. Ray D'Arcy, Claire Byrne and Miriam O'Callaghan, to but scratch the surface, also receive gigantic salaries - and for what? To control the narrative decreed by social engineers who have tasked them with steering society in the desired direction and to attack like rabid dogs anyone who dares question the official diktats of the state. These one-dimensional, mediocre and frankly boring talking heads are chosen for the specific reason, that they will follow, they will take their money unrepentantly and do whatever the script tells them to, regardless of the moral consequences. Tubridy earns close to six figures more than the US president, who earns a paltry $400,000 in comparison. There must be a reason they are so handsomely rewarded for their service. The fact that they all happen to be one-dimensional, 'inside the box' thinkers is also hugely helpful and beneficial to the prevailing order, because when someone comes along who has the temerity to go off script, they are savaged, for the cardinal sin of offering an unorthodox view or a different perspective, which one could argue is badly needed these days as the current level of consciousness (or what passes for it) has led us into crisis after crisis. One would almost think it deliberate - perish the thought!

Jim Corr found this out personally, to his detriment, when he committed the heinous crime of challenging the status quo, to ask a couple of rather softball legitimate questions on the Late Late Show, about the official story of 9/11 which is a rabbit hole we shall avoid in this particular article, but let's just be kind and say, it doesn't hold up to even the mildest scrutiny, with the incredible anomalies of 2 planes collapsing 3 buildings and a passport allegedly belonging to one of the Terrorists found in the rubble, the former a verifiable fact and not a conspiracy theory, which according to RTÉ simply do not happen and the latter was a ridiculous conspiracy theory, but one which was actually reported on American news stations. Whatever happened that day - and I won't speculate any further - it wasn't the version of events given to us by Bush and Cheney's Neocons. For an organisation that claims to find - what they term conspiracy theories (ie. uncensored news not vetted by them) - ridiculous, it's odd that they seem to fear them so viscerally, with a fanatical-like commitment towards suppression. Jon Williams, who is no longer at RTÉ and has since been replaced by Deirdre McCarthy as head of news, even spent fortunes on the extraordinarily weird 'The truth matters' advertisement. I was sure it was satire when I first saw it. RTÉ and truth in the same sentence, couldn't be? It really showed desperation and amounted to an admission, that despite their state subsidised budget of millions, they were terrified of any ordinary eejit with a smartphone exposing their daily lies. They must be seen to be the ultimate arbiters and purveyors of truth, end of!

Taking all the above into account, it is incredible to consider that if a pensioner on €253.30 per week can't afford the €160 for the television licence and fails to pay the heavy subsequent fines, technically speaking he/she (them/they was simply plural in those days) could end up in prison.

The country we have been speaking about in the previous paragraphs is not North Korea, no the country is in fact Ireland. But the Irish are far worse off, because rather than see the clear manipulation and propaganda for what it is, they actually believe it to be news and live their lives accordingly. The friendly goofy smile on Tubridy for example, putting them at ease and leading them to trust his utterances as if they were the word of the Lord. A real low point was the Toy Show in 2020, even by the standards of RTÉ and Tubridy (who was like Goebbels in a Christmas jumper on that dark night), when they used a little red haired Irish Colleen as an advertising agent for Pfizer, to promote their mRNA vaccine that couldn't be as boastful as Ronseal. It was truly sickening and you would have to wonder about the child's parents, allowing her to be demeaned like that on national television. The disgraceful clip will be there in perpetuity for future historians to look back upon in sheer bemusement at how sick, immoral, slavish and decadent Irish society became in 2020. It will live long in infamy among those who are not hypnotised by the ethereal bright light of John Logie Bairds famous invention, fashioned into an unrivalled brainwashing box. A propaganda tool par excellence. 'Toy show the musical' is out soon, it will likely sell out. That's how bad things are. The audience may even possibly insist on masks and vaccine passports for the showing too, who knows, just in case like, you can't be too careful. A matinee to the theatre of the absurd. Sometimes I wish I didn't have front row seats.

The constant dumbing down of society and pandering to the lowest common denominator is a classic Marxist tool being employed to achieve their greatest aim of equity, or to translate, turning everything to mediocre happy-clappy 'come all ye' rubbish. Setting the bar extremely low also has the added upshot, on a subliminal level of helping to lower people's expectations. Essential considering what's planned for us in the years to come. Where has all the great art gone? It's still there it's just not being promoted. Except for the compliant few established ones who have talent but have made the crossover from working class heroes to safe, uncontroversial frauds, who requested medical papers at their gigs - you know who you are. Very Rock 'n' Roll indeed. Then we have the other insufferables. Instead of greats like Phil Lynott or Van Morrison we now have Jedward and the Two Johnnies. It makes Boyzone and Westlife appear like the pinnacle and halcyon days of Irish artistry and creativity. We are a nation teeming with talent and this is what we must suffer through. It's entirely deliberate.

The Late Late Show is a particularly dark piece of programming for the masses. Formerly a staple of Irish society, with interesting guests when 'uncle' Gaybo (eyes rolling in the head) was at the helm. In fairness to Gay Byrne, he was like Elvis Presley compared to Todd Andrews' grandson. On a weekly basis the masked up audience await their instructions on how best to tackle the current thing. The latest crisis we all need to navigate, but don't dare question the origins or root cause of the crisis, that's not for the minds of the plebs to be concerned with. The cost of living now firmly on the agenda, with Tubridy on almost half a million a year, here to help and advise the peasants on how best to budget and how to practice thriftiness. What once was a decent chat show is now an obvious public opinion forming communications weapon. It also unashamedly eulogises former and existing RTÉ presenters and staff. Do they send one of the office runners down to the staff canteen and say, "Will you run down and ask Eileen Dunne to come up and have a chat we're a bit stuck tonight, good lad", or what? It's a self congratulatory nepotistic feedback loop of internal validation.

The latest Charlie Bird psychotic episode of mass morbid fascination has to be one of the most bizarre things I've ever witnessed and that's saying something. You can almost hear the clank of knitting needles across Ireland, as a percussive backdrop to a chorus of - "Ah poor Charlie, god love him". The poor man is dying and while on a human level it is a very sad story, why have him paraded like a stage prop on a weekly basis - albeit consensually? It's just grim and maudlin and hardly something to lift the spirits at the end of the working week. It's a weekly feeding frenzy for depression. It's also cheap self promotion through the exploitation of a dying man, even though he's seems happy enough with it, but be honest what other purpose does it serve? When the inevitable occurs will it be 'The relics of Charlie Bird' perhaps touring the cathedrals of the new post-God Ireland, the secular synagogues of the vaccine centres? Does that even sound far fetched anymore on this lunatic asylum of an island we inhabit? I know I'm almost certainly overdoing it here and probably sounding a bit disrespectful and crass, but that is not my intention and I genuinely don't feel I'm being any more distasteful than them.

Former news anchor, Keelin Shanley recently had a whole special programme dedicated to her, on the two year anniversary of her passing. Again the absolute worship of death. I'm sorry, while again a tragedy that she died, especially being a young woman, it is not noteworthy two years after the fact. This is the type of stuff the licence fee - which is being forcibly extorted from the taxpayer - is going towards. I don't want to watch that! But maybe I'm in a minority as a lot of the Irish do seem to revel in pity and sympathy and "Oh isn't it terrible". That's where Tubridy excels. He seems to genuinely enjoy presenting the macabre, with that sorrowful visage of his. The irony of having Vicky Phelan on the same couch, (although on separate nights) as Tony Holohan, going completely unnoticed by most, because of course "Tony saved us", nevermind the fact he had a hand in the woman's terribly sad situation and is in part responsible for leaving a few families motherless. Ah sure well we will just give him the freedom of the city, shall we? All this negativity has been very successful at keeping the Irish in a low vibrational state. RTÉ is like an energy parasite and when I do on the rare occasion turn it on purely for educational and observational purposes, so I can understand the zombified masked automatons that walk among us, I feel dirty after watching it. They are so easy to predict too, I remember saying to someone a few weeks back that they would start running wildlife programmes repeatedly now to enhance the climate change narrative, with some zoologist from some elitist British academy or institution, helicoptered into the jungle to give us a lecture on our carbon footprint and how we need to do more and lo and behold that's precisely what is happening now. Listen out for the word 'sustainability' it's about to become as popular and frequently used as 'vaccine'.

The radio is no better with Joe Duffy (wash your hands), worse than a curtain twitching, porch dwelling ould one, who runs to meet your mother at the door on her return from holiday to tell her you had a party. Duffy went on a personal crusade against Callum Robinson, who decided he had bodily autonomy. He wanted him dropped from the Irish national team. The beautiful instant karma of Robinson scoring a hat-trick and being hailed a hero was hilarious, and surely had all at RTÉ squirming. They bullied, harangued and attempted to coerce and shame every citizen of this country into submission with the silencing of any debate. The name calling and attacking of all or any dissenting voices. They constantly and disgustingly referred to people who chose to rely on their own immune systems as 'far right' or 'anti-vaxxers'. Just think for a moment about how utterly evil and scandalous that is. Portraying ordinary people just minding their own business as somehow dangerous for the crime of breathing in the same vicinity as those who chose to take part in the experimental trial. Remember that creature Joe O'Shea and his vitriolic rant, let loose and encouraged by Claire Byrne, which could certainly be deemed as incitement to hatred. They also regularly lied about the number of people protesting the restrictions to further enforce in the minds of the public the notion they were a fringe movement of nutty cranks. The promotion of vaccine passports which were utterly pointless as we know the vaccines never prevented transmission. We now also know, thanks to an admission at the European Parliament, by Pfizer executive Janine Small under questioning from Dutch MEP Rob Roos on 12 October, that they were never actually tested to establish whether they stopped transmission. So the whole 'protect others' rubbish was not only a lie, but it was a lie that RTÉ vociferously and enthusiastically pedalled on repeat. They are lying insincere dealers of virtue and false platitudes.

After months of browbeating the public over 'not playing their part' in stopping transmission of Covid 19 (an isolated sample of which still has not been produced) what do our hypocrital friends at RTÉ do, why hold a big shindig of course. All indoors, maskless, no social distancing, in fact hugging and likely swapping spits, when the rest of us were told we couldn't visit families and the elderly died alone locked away in care homes. The pathetic climb down apology the likes of David McCullagh, Eileen Dunne and Miriam O'Callaghan were forced to give live on air, was pathetically cringe inducing. "I'm sorry to say I was one of those...", no your not sorry, you knew it was all complete nonsense, you weren't scared at all of the alleged virus, you were only sorry you got caught. Highlighted further by the presence of Sean O'Rourke among others, at the golfing gala in Clifden during the lockdown. O'Rourke is since back at RTÉ because of course 'lessons have been learned'. The contempt these people have for the public is clear, they clearly view themselves as above the rules they insisted we must follow.

The names on the table list showed how closely knit all the movers and shakers are. Séamus Woulfe, a Supreme Court judge no less, saw no problem in flouting regulations he helped draft. Minister Frank Feighan recently posted a picture of himself on Facebook recently with Leo Varadkar and Tommie Gorman at the RTÉ journalists, book launch in Trinity College. They don't care. They are all cronies, buddies on first name terms who socialise together and god only knows what else. They rub it in our faces and are laughing because they believe the public to be easily malleable through the control of the information stream and the dominance of the narrative. RTÉ is merely the government press office, nothing more. They repeat almost verbatim. "A government source tell us...", oh really? Did you question him on it? And people think they are getting news. Please! Luke O'Neill was basically given the floor and the keys to the house during the so-called pandemic. Completely unchallenged.

When you consider the fact that it's highly probable that almost every Garda, judge, politician, civil servant and the majority of those operating and working within the system are receiving their information from this source, it's very easy to see how the developing situation around us has been made possible. They are all living in the fictional, contrived pseudo-reality RTÉ have brought into existence by reporting events in a certain way, censoring and lying by omission. Both they and the public then unwittingly go out to the physical world and act as if it were all completely true, hence manifesting it into existence. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. The complete lack of accountability that exists in this country falls squarely at the feet of RTÉ. The whole nation is hypnotised and are parrots of one side of the story, because in the halls of Donnybrook only one side is given life.

I know this is a long piece dear reader, but it needed to be. I also know it is extremely cynical and negative. But it is an attempt to analyse a negative entity who I believe has greatly wronged the Irish people and in order to glean some clarity, a light must be shone on the rancid, putrid cesspit that it is, as honestly as possible. Chapters could be written on the indiscretions of the Montrose mafia. One day books will be. Who is pulling the strings in all this? One would have to wonder and what's the unifying force across all the upper echelons of RTÉ and the establishment? The Garda Siochana dancing Jerusalema in formation under the lights may have given us a subtle occultic hint. The shadowy formation and play on the lights looking curiously similar to the Freemasonic square and compass. Is it the lads in the gloves and aprons on Molesworth Street, who experienced and arson attack on their lodge during the plague, by an invisible assailant that one of the most sophisticated street camera systems in the world outside Leinster House failed to identify who are behind all this? Who knows, but the cohesion and collaboration between the forces who carried this out was unprecedented and suggests a deeper, more secretive and perhaps even oath-binding pact is at its source - (sound of tin foil hat rustling as snuggly fitted to head). I am fully aware that the last paragraph may appear far fetched to anyone without even a novice level knowledge of the occult. But black magic is a weapon that was continually used on us and it's a variable that must be touched upon. I can hear a load of middle aged cyclists, spitting out their coffee laughing in hilarity. You're the grown man in Lycra mate, not me.

Each organ of the state acted with an urgency and efficiency never before seen in the history of the state. Homelessness and the health service for years have been the same old story - not enough houses and not enough beds, but vaccines? How many do you want? And guess what they're all free! Politics moves painfully slowly unless it's something on their agenda. Yet nobody seemed to find that odd. People were remarkably conned into believing that the same level of mendacity that could stand by and do nothing while children lived in poverty - with the homeless crisis the main news topic only months earlier, were concerned for their health and wellbeing. People not only bought it, they morphed into enforcers and snitches, a Stasi of the citizenry. Every shopkeeper was turned into Havel's greengrocer, (in his essay 'Power of the Powerless' about the regime in 1970's Czechoslovakia), whether they liked it or not. 'The workers of the world unite' poster became 'Stay safe, save lives' in black and yellow. Display it no one notices. Don't display it everyone does. 'Have we a troublemaker here?' The mask worked in the very same way.

If Ireland is ever to loosen itself from the insane vice-like grip of cultural Marxism, RTÉ needs to go. It's a crumbling edifice of corruption, a den of iniquity. It's an institution which must be abolished for its role in the greatest crime perpetrated on the Irish people since the great genocide (which identifies as a famine, so the feelings of our former colonial masters are not offended). It could yet, who knows and God forbid, become greater as the fallout from these disastrous trial injections I fear is only in its infancy. I truly hope I'm wrong. The systematic murder machine could not have functioned without its communications and sales and marketing wing, RTÉ.

If you still don't believe that the vaccines are causing widespread death and harm, I urge you to watch 'Safe and Effective : A Second Opinion' https://youtu.be/dIVZ5ssWB-o. This contains the testimonials of real victims, it is harrowing and is pretty conclusive and irrefutable. These fake journalists all have blood on their hands and for their part, must severely pay for their dereliction of duty and I hope to one day see many of them behind bars, along with their handlers and collaborators, for their daily incessant psychological terrorism of the target population. The building they worked in must also be bulldozed to the ground, to try to erase the memory of what will surely, when the dust settles, go down as one of the darkest chapters in Irish history.

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