The Red Imposter

Saturday, 24 September, a red army of approximately 3000 heroes stand mobilised at Parnell Square, armed with banners and megaphones, like lions at bay to make the journey from the main square on Dublin's north side to its main one on the south side of the Liffey, Merrion Square. They are ready and waiting to take it to the evil patriarchy, those greedy capitalists who have ensured that their outgoings will increase significantly over the winter months. A cost of living crisis awaits them and of course the government must act and do something to alleviate their suffering before it's too late.

One of their Field Marshall's Paul Murphy stands slender and focused his elegant, effeminate swan-like neck peers over the crowd, symbolically flapping his wings and hissing through the megaphone, "Prices are rising but so are we". Taking a break from his other important causes such as wanting your children to know that even if they are only five it's ok to be curious about your sexuality and it's perfectly fine to trade your Willy for a Mary so you don't face the terrifying prospect of facing into the 'wrong puberty' as our friends over at TENI might refer to it. The poor courageous general could have been hospitalised after he was allegedly kicked in the head by a brutish 'far riosh' activist the week previous. A claim he later cleared up when he said he wasn't kicked in the head at all, but he was kicked, which later became he "thought he was kicked". Confusing isn't it. Until you see the footage that is, which clearly proves our hero to be lying. Just like he is lying when he halfheartedly utters the witty mantra previously quoted.

He doesn't really want to be there amongst the peasants. This is just a necessary piece of theatre to keep up appearances. They are merely to be objectified and used as an election prop whilst he and his other acolytes such as Brid Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett, Gino Kenny among others work in tandem with the government to ensure the once gradual, now steep slide towards communism in the Republic of Ireland continues. The gullible crowd failing to see the wolf in sheep's clothing actively working against their interests. Their proposed 'Right to Housing Bill' is a classic example of Bolshevism disguised as benevolence, you only need to read one line to see it is straight out of Lenin's playbook. "The State, in particular, recognises the common good as including the right to secure, affordable, dignified housing, appropriate to need, for all the residents of Ireland and shall guarantee this right through its laws, policies and the prioritisation of resources". Nothing whatsoever about the right to owning property, which could contravene the common good depending on the opinion of whose in power. You will be housed appropriately, as deemed by them, should the 39th Amendment to the Constitution succeed. Back to the matter at hand though. These so-called opposition politicians along with Sinn Fein - the party expected to form the next government - and their leader Mary-Lou McDonald, the princess of Palestine herself, have not only been part of the cause of the matter they are protesting, but had their almost religious pursuit of a 'Zero Covid' approach been adopted I sincerely doubt there would be a small business left standing in the country at all. Socialists have a bizarre relationship with money. They despise the rich and captains of industry and always want the rich taxed harder, yet claim to be for workers rights. This is a paradoxical notion, because without entrepreneurship and capitalism there would be no industry for them to work in. They are totally dependent on and are completely at the mercy of the very system they fight against. Not that capitalism does not have it's faults, it certainly does but it's not the system itself which is evil, the greed of individuals however more often than not creates a dog eat dog environment which filters down the structure from the top of the pyramid. Humans have yet to conceive of a perfect system, but capitalism rewards hard work whereas communism seeks equity, which turns excellence into mediocrity. The left are often seen as anti-establishment when they are anything but. They support bigger government and every NGO cause you care to name, are totally in favour of open borders - which consequently has a negative impact on conditions for workers, as mass migration drives down wages, hence feeding the very dragon they claim to want to slay. They see fascists everywhere, yet when actual fascism came to our shores (and it WAS, no matter how much you want to reassure yourself) - papers please! - they seemed to have a blind spot. Worse still as actual personal medical information was sought. The embodiment of fascism to the left is reserved solely for those who value freedom. The original definition of fascism in Mussolini's Italy, was the merging of state and corporate interests, ring any bells?

For 2 years straight the Irish government collaborated with Pfizer and the other corporate heavyweight 'vaccine' producers to coerce and hold the Irish public hostage, trying their utmost to compel them and bully them into submission. Held at needlepoint to take a harmful, unlicensed, trial medical intervention for the sniffles. Those who refused were ostracised and shunned from society. Fascism by any definition. The reaction of these zealots was not to condemn this madness but some in fact wanted to mandate the trial medical intervention and ban people who refused to submit from supermarkets. Climate change is another ideology they fully support, one which will not only bleed the working class they claim to represent dry, but some elderly citizens may actually freeze to death this winter because of fuel costs, possible rationing and potential energy blackouts while the multiple behemoth data centres suffer no such loss of power. But hey as long as we stick it to Putin! Their hypocrisy literally knows no bounds.

The people partly responsible for causing the problem are now out protesting. But instead of being laughed off the stage they have an army of naive supporters who believe them to be on their side despite two years of all of the above. It's really depressing at times to see how little people have learned, especially when things are glaringly obvious and staring them in the face. Rather than face up to the fact nobody in the halls of power is on their side, they choose instead to take comfort in the lie, cuddling into its bosom like a small (gender yet to be assigned) child. The reduction in the purchasing power of money can be directly attributable to the lockdowns. Handing out free money at the same time there was a decrease in productivity, with the small economy effectively shut down is one of the major contributing factors to the current crisis. There is an appeal for government to do something to help out the ordinary person now by offering a financial stimulus package to households to see them through the coming winter. Nothing about the greed and profiteering of the energy companies who are experiencing record profits. No, no the government's never ending wallet, the taxpayer, must of course foot the bill again, as that is the only way the government can actually fund it other than with a loan. Who are the capitalists here again, I'm confused? The left seem to at every turn, be doing their best to assist in protecting the profits of 'the man' they claim to be fighting. This will of course create further spiralling inflation and crippling debt to the point of the financial system grinding to a halt and ultimately collapsing. How convenient so, that the caring Bank of International Settlements, in league with others, are looking to introduce a Central Bank Digital Currency to present us with new financial system just in time for the collapse of the old. Thank heavens for these visionaries, however did they know? Sinn Fein and the other left wing parties are now positioning themselves as a credible alternative for the people, with these astroturfed protests, which rather than being underestimated by the state media like the lockdown protests were, are actually being talked up and promoted on the front pages of rags like the Irish Times and Independent. We have seen how totalitarian the socialist mindset is, now imagine that with force behind it in the shape of statutory power and all the organs of state to enforce their multiple anti-Irish causes. It seems inevitable the next government will be a left wing one led by Sinn Fein. We will see if 'giving them a chance' and 'sure they can't be any worse' will hold water.

The likelihood is that individual freedom will be dealt a further hammer blow by collectivists in lockstep with every globalist goal and ambition, (whether they understand their role or not). They will be used to ramp down production in the name of saving the planet, shut down free speech and dissent in a justified action against hate to protect feelings, seize property in the name of the common good (remember you'll own nothing and be happy), energy costs will negatively impact food production capacity. Their fanaticism would help them commit to these tasks with vigour. The situation could become so dire that finally Universal Basic Income (UBI) could be presented as a solution but of course you will need a digital ID to access it as it will be in digital form with the possibility of an expiry date also so saving for a rainy day is impossible.

This is of course a hypothetical doomsday situation I'm presenting but it has not happened yet and everything is still to play for, however there are powerful interests who envision this as our future unless we wise up. Marching on the street led by these people I would suggest is not a wise strategy that will bear any fruit. We have reached a critical juncture and although there are positives to take, it does seem many of the Irish are still extremely slow learners and are likely going to need to go through a lot of pain before they realise, what to many of us is blatantly obvious. The population are being led by the nose by the pied piper into the slaughterhouse. It's getting very close to the first non-return gate. We all know what happens then. Resist while you still can.

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