Monarchs of the Matrix

On 2nd September I took the short hop across the Irish Sea for a weekend break to London, a city I love to visit. A sprawling metropolis dotted with iconic buildings and monuments, trendy bars and restaurants, vibrant markets and so much more. Though the architecture is phenomenal, with even the modern buildings quite aesthetically pleasing, it's difficult not to notice that the city is largely a monument to war, conquest and death. As I approached the Houses of Parliament from Victoria Embankment, taking a bike ride along the Thames, journeying from the City of London, I passed an Egyptian obelisk, Cleopatras Needle. The obelisk is symbolic of the erect penis of the Egyptian god Osiris. A symbol adopted from the ancient mystery schools by the Freemasons. Many members of British high society down through the centuries and through to the present day were and are initiates of this secret fraternal order. Secretive not in the sense of their existence or public image as a men's club who engage in charity work and other such activities, but in the sense of what really goes on in the inner sanctum of the lodge as a member goes through the degrees.

The positioning of this Ancient artefact in the heart of London, in my view is both a boast of Britains former Imperial prowess and a nod to an order whose high ranking members would have likely been involved in the planning and commissioning of most, if not all of the city's buildings and monuments. Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent was elected Grand Master of the Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16 in 1967, highlighting how highly Freemasonry and it's mysterious practices are regarded and held within the aristocracy and social order.

Along the quay there is a memorial to the Battle of Britain, in Westminster Abbey, there is the grave of the unknown soldier and on Whitehall, the Glorious Dead monument. We then reach Nelsons Column on Trafalgar Square, a tribute to Admiral Horatio Nelson - also a Freemason - standing atop another major symbol of freemasonry, the column or pillar. Taking a slight left under Admiralty Arch, the arch of course being - you guessed it - another major Masonic symbol, to head down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace, statues remind us of British Naval Supremacy back when Britannia ruled the waves. Everywhere is the constant reminder of war. Men who made the ultimate sacrifice for King or Queen and country are honoured for their service and ultimately thanked for their deaths. But for what, or more importantly for whom?

Before you reach the Victoria Memorial, with its gilded bronze winged victory adorning a marble base with statues, including one of Victoria, the former longest serving monarch before Elizabeth, on each face - you pass through two pillars. South and West Africa Gate. These bear a striking resemblance to Boaz and Jachin, the dual pillars of freemasonry. In the lodge these pillars serve as a portal or gateway to the freemasonic altar, symbolic in this instance of the palace itself. It's almost as if - if even only symbolically - the life force and energy of those remembered in the monuments is being funnelled into the focal point of the palace and harvested.

The following week of course the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced. Regardless of anyone's feelings towards her, it does genuinely feel like the end of an era. She has been the head of state in the United Kingdom for the entirety of the lives of most people living today. However the idea of Irish people mourning her is utterly bizarre, considering some of the atrocities the British army committed in the north during her reign. The fact the British were ever even our enemy in the first place is solely down to the blood lust and greed of her ancestry. But of course the fickle Irish (some who would love to have been subjects themselves) quickly forgave 800 years of horrors when she uttered the words "A cairde" inside the banquet hall of Dublin Castle. Give Paddy a pat on the head and he will love you forever. The fawning by the Irish mainstream since her death has been unbearable at times. Even still I won't dance on her grave, she is gone now and we have bigger problems looming on the horizon than a formerly exorbitantly wealthy, lifeless old woman.

She will now be succeeded by her eldest son Charles, now expected to be referred to as King Charles III, but for my whole life (and his) he has always been Prince and quite frankly always seemed no more than a boy. A spoiled brat who pontificates to us about climate change and tightening our belts from a golden chair whilst also now wearing a bejewelled crown. This highlights the downright hypocrisy of the royals themselves. A man who owns various palatial estates and the majority of the county of Cornwall, shares the WEF stage with one of his mentors Klaus Schwab, who wants us all to embrace the notion of owning nothing. His other two high profile mentors of course being, firstly, (Sir) Jimmy Saville, who became even more famous after death, when the true hideousness of his paedophillia and sexual perversions became public knowledge, leading to an enormous scandal for both the royals and the BBC. None of them knew anything of course. His other mentor was his uncle (who was perhaps more of a father to him than Prince Philip), Lord Louis Mountbatten who was embroiled in a scandal in Kincora Boys home in Belfast, whereby he was accused of sexually abusing young boys. MI5 have also been accused of covering up this scandal, which has led to victims commuting suicide. Mountbatten was later assassinated by the IRA. Oh yes and I almost forgot, his brother is Prince Andrew, another deviant.

The tragic death of the mother of Charles' children, Princess Diana - which never seemed accidental - paved the way for him to marry his life long love, Camilla Parker Bowles, who is now Queen Consort, in a resounding victory for 'the other woman', giving hope to home wreckers across the globe. Never give up girls! Diana's death showed who the British public really adored and was a huge embarrassment for the firm. The Queens delay in making a statement indicated not only how she regarded Diana but betrayed the arrogance that sits just below the surface of that grandmotherly public image she had. The same arrogance that crept out in Andrews now infamous, cringeworthy, car crash interview after he was caught 'letting the side down' on Epstein's island. What's with the royals and their paedophile friends and associates?

Who are the Windsors really? Or Saxe-Coburg and Gothas to be more precise stripping them of their adopted name. Directly descended from the Hanoverians who were not even English. They were Germans who in fact spoke German not English. Mad King George being the first of them to be born in Britain and speak English as his first language. Some see the royals as mere vestiges of an imperial age when Britain vanquished all before her and was the world's foremost superpower, a ceremonial leftover that's great for tourism. But I see them as so much more than that. Not only are they perhaps the most cunning and successful thieves to have ever lived, plundering the riches of every nation they conquered, but they are extremely powerful magicians. What we call theft they call empire, what we call murder they call conquest. Their entire existence is funded by extorting money from an adoring public who are under their spell - although that is slowly breaking. But the fact people still go to the slaughter in the name of His/Her Majesty is really quite disturbing in the modern age. The royals are the embodiment, representation and ultimate gate keepers of the pseudo-reality that has locked humanity in a slavish state of perception for millennia now. Their underlings in the celebrity sphere who are the most successful at locking people within the mainstream perceptual bubble, are rewarded by the grand magicians with knighthoods and accolades. Everything is ritual and ceremony. That is not accidental. The placing of a sword on each shoulder is like the waving of a magic wand. Spellbinding the recipient, welcoming them into the club, commanding their loyalty and by extension all those they have influenced through their exploits within their various fields, whether it be sports, entertainment or whatever the case may be. The over the top pageantry is essential to keep the magical spell in tact. It's genius because it legitimises behaviour and deeds that would have us mere mortals shunned from society and likely incarcerated. They are our betters - in their eyes - so the rules that apply to the rest of us, simply don't apply to them.

They are the masters of this false reality, the glue holding this frail frequency range in place and are above the law and beyond reproach. From staunch Nazi supporters before the outbreak of WWII - with Edward the uncle of Elizabeth who abdicated, a huge admirer - to Diana's mysterious death, Jimmy Saville and Prince Andrew to name but a few, there appears to be no scandal that can penetrate or even dent the gilded armour of the British royal family. I am being generous here and trying to keep it mainstream-lite. There are other far darker accusations levelled at the German degenerates that I will leave up to the reader to investigate for themselves.

Charles, however, perhaps presents them with their greatest challenge yet, to prevent Toto from looking behind the curtain - as told in the wizard of Oz, to find the wizards trick impotent. Will people finally come to the realisation that the emperor has no clothes? They have tried rehabilitating Charles throughout the decades with media fluff pieces and love bombs, but he is just not likeable. His tiresome hypocritical climate activism coupled with his short temper and petulance will struggle to hold the spell in tact. I do not think his reign will be successful and could in fact be disastrous as he pursues and supports policies that will likely reduce the quality of life of the middle class and impoverish the working class. The last time the monarchy ended in England was during the English civil war when Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector. The king who was deposed then was coincidentally also called Charles.

Charles I was executed in 1649. An end to the monarchy this time around is unlikely to be as bloody and violent, but people will not want a meddling sovereign, which by early indications and impressions, looks as though he will be exactly that. The new king could be forced to face a level of anger towards the crown, previously unheard of during his mother's reign, if he continues on the trajectory of aligning himself with global power brokers, who have no desire to placate the needs of ordinary citizens and whose diabolical and dystopian aims are becoming ever clearer to an awakening public. Could this be the beginning of the end for the monarchs of the matrix?

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