Sexist Media Programming

Many may have noticed a significant shift in media reporting on violent assaults and sexual assaults, some horrific cases locally and nationally have put me on edge personally and anyone with loved ones and in particular women in their lives can share the same feeling of concern, that said it remains to be seen whether there has been an actual increase in incidents statistically although that it is certainly the feeling.

A great many of us have been startled awake when it comes to the media, we have all experienced throughout covid how ordinary people can be driven to unconscionable behaviours because of fear-based hypnotic programming, or in laymen's terms 'Fear-Porn' -

We are talking about a populace who treated those who refused MRNA as unclean and sub-human, openly gleeful in discriminating against them, people calling for them to be denied access to food and healthcare, people calling for an end to bodily autonomy, vindictive single parents and carers used jab-status as an excuse to deny people access to their loved ones, doctors denying appointments to them, people believed this was an acceptable way to behave because that's how they were primed and programmed to think, we had media executives in Ireland regularly telling people to disinvite them from their wedding celebrations and exclude them from Christmas and other family events, The media pumped out news piece after news piece to portray unjebbed as drags on the health care systems and silent threats to their innate freedoms using a masterful command of NLP and statistical misrepresentation. They litterally sowed the seeds of hatred that caused such untold suffering in Irish society and now we are collectively awake and alert to this threat.

A divided population is easy to rule, the rights of the family are superior and antecedent to all positive law but the way to remove the power of the institution of the family is by dividing man and woman.

I have noticed many events and reports in response to these attacks have included narratives like: • Toxic masculinity • Rape culture • Generalised statements like "men need to do this or men need to respond in this particular way"

What is the true purpose and indeed the consequence of this programme?

Toxic masculinity is an ugly sexist slur and shouldn't be being repeated by anybody, there are aspects of the feminine that is highly toxic but it should never be acceptable to say toxic femininity, but that's the human condition isn't it, it's essentially ego, the devil within and it is expressed in our persona beit masculine OR feminine. This is an ugly slur because it stigmatises one gender, fact is we have a male suicide epidemic one need only perform a cursory search to know this is true. The consequence of this slur may very well be increasing male suicide.

Rape culture does not exist by pure definition, rape is not a 'social activity'. The vast, vast majority of people are not rapists and have a righteous contempt for such a horrific act, sexual violence IS NOT A societal or culture problem it is a criminal justice problem and it is a very, very serious one. The term rape culture obscures the reality of the problem which serves no purpose to the victims and their families, it shouldn't be being repeated.

The language generalising men's "need" to respond in a certain way implies complicity, the vast majority of men, I'm willing to bet, would advocate the death penalty for sexual predators and do anything possible to prevent it from happening. In Ireland there are a few of judges who are renowned for giving outrageously lenient sentences to rapists and paedophiles, why is no one talking about this? Our criminal justice is system is fucked for want of a better word and needs major reform. There are so, so many cases where great violence is carried out against innocent people when the perpetrators should never really have been allowed into society, so why is this not front and centre of the reaction and response by the 'political humanitarians' ? Surely severe punishments and enforcement is the only way to fight sexual violence?

In the wake of Aisling Murphys callous murder Professor Sam McConkey suggested that men should have a curfew or a male only lockdown, could this possibly be the most profoundly stupid solution to a serious problem that ever was?

Recently in Fermoy in county Cork 2 men sexually assaulted a teenage girl, thanks be to God two male teenagers heard her cries for help and ran to assist her. They bravely fought with the two older men and one of the hero's suffered injuries from a glass bottle while saving this poor 16 year old girl. Now ask yourselves are those rapists likely to have obeyed a male lockdown? Ask yourselves what fate would have befallen her if the two upstanding teenagers were on lockdown?

Was rape a part of the two hero's culture? Was it toxic masculinity that gave them the courage to fight two grown men? The media and the activists speaking this total lunacy are actively making society worse and more unsafe and we all ought to call it what it is at every opportunity.

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