The State of Irish Nationalism

After the ambush of the Globalist sock puppets at Béal Na Bláth, the comment sections on social media went to work processing what they had witnessed on RTE. The headlines of the legacy media told the readers what they should think before they had even had a chance to comment on it. The comment sections of The Sun, The Mirror, RTE and other rags immediately countered their narrative with honest and heartfelt anger aimed directly at Michael Martin and Leo Varadkar. Sinn Feiners, Traditionalists and Johnny-no-vote all had the same response, Michael and Leo did not belong anywhere near an event commemorating a Nationalist Hero. The General Public is now demonstrating their full awareness of these Europhiles and much of the criticisms were directed at the fact that these parasites have handed away Ireland to the European Socialist Federation. Left and right wing Nationalists all have the same criticism of this government and there is real potential right now for a Nationalist Mandate. The trouble with this is that there is no party with both a Nationalist Mandate and the quantity of candidates to achieve it.The two parties currently claiming Nationalist sentiment have major issues that a proud Irishman cant ignore.

Sinn Fein with it’s superior organisational skills have lived off the rebellious fenian image that the troubles brought it and, if im being honest they earned, up north. However, in recent years, they are refusing to refer to themselves as Nationalist south of the border. Sinn Fein's Jeckel and Hyde act on this Island has become a major point of eyre to those who have grown up in republican and nationalist families. Sinn Fein have adopted all the talking points of globalism and married themselves up with Europe every chance they can get. Sinn Fein have facilitated the replacement of the Irish demographic, defended religious extremism while at the very same time championing high court cases against the word ”God” in the Irish Constitution. They have Stood with absolutely every cause under the sun at the expense of Irish heritage and culture. No amount of mono-tonal diatribes from Mary Lou can white wash that fact. Mary Lou McDonalds’s Sinn Fein are not the Sinn Fein of old. Although still somehow maintaining dissident links, Sinn Fein are now reduced to being a European wrap-around party, with each meaningful position filled by a student of Marxian internationalist persuasion. As long as this party is in the hands of a person who studied a Masters in European Integration then it will never be a party that represents the Irish National Idea or the people of Ireland.

the other party professing to be Nationalist is the National Party. The National Party has become quite the machine since its inception in 2016. With a clean and crisp look and feel the party has somehow presented itself as well oiled professional party with the best signage, banners and clothing that money can buy. They sometimes speak in Irish which garners credibility and talk about the topics that the current woke government like to pretend don’t even exist. The National party is the brainchild of a one Justin Barrett. Justin was a far-right activist in his younger days and attended, right up until recently, Facist rallies. I am not talking about Antifa boogeymen freedom/free speech rallies either, I am talking about genuine, far-right nazi-salute rallies. Justin does not break bread with moderate conservatives or dissident centrists.

This is an important piece of information that I think all who read this, regardless of your opinion of me, should take the time to process honestly. Ireland has always been a country that has rejected authoritarianism, at least from the State. Ireland has always strived for religious freedoms. We must ask ourselves, what could Nazi sympathisers do to advance Irelands cause? I wouldn’t tolerate a single man or woman in our Dail who would advocate for such total State control. Hitler once said himself that he wanted the State to have the final say on property ownership. The National Party thus far are silent on such matters, focusing instead on the ethno-nationalist rhetoric we seen in Nazi Germany. I will say this. Ireland does not have to be xenophobic to stand up for itself, to advocate for itself or take action against those who plunder this land at the expense of our identity. We do not have to scapegoat and witch hunt people to achieve this. It all depends on our relationship with Europe. In terms of the European Socialist Federation, how does the National Party view Europe? Principle 5 of their Manifesto states the following:

“The National Party approaches our membership of the European Union from the principle of refusing to accept the threatened destruction of our Nation’s freedom, and will endeavour to restore those freedoms which have already, unjustly, been given away.”

They want to remain in Europe and, through some speculative process, obtain back our national treasures and sovereignty lost within the Nice and Lisbon Treaties. Barrett Has campaigned in the past against these treaties but yet when he has a party of his own he is approaching the subject with a flirtatious wink in the direction of Brussels. Does the National Party believe in sovereignty beyond the point of just saying it? As far as I am concerned, European facism has nothing remotely in common with the envisioned Republic of the collective conciousness of the Irish people pas and present. The party’s support base is absolutely Anti-EU but I am concerned the party leadership does not share their followers lust to leave the EU, The National Party is in fact in lockstep with a wider Neo-Facist European collective all in regular contact with each other who contest European elections. This is not Ireland. The last thing we need is resurgence of O’Duffy styled Blue-shirts. I will say this, one of many things Justin Barrett does get right is his call on the Irish to have large families. He is right about the preservation of the Gaels and our home. We should incentivise large families wherever possible. The trouble with this party is that the freedom movement in Ireland is not right wing enough for them which leads to his party being absent for many of the fights we have fought against this government. During lockdown Justin was seen alongside his party members masked up moving from photo op to photo op. In the height of the info-war against covid Tyranny, The National Party stayed silent, remained absent and allowed the heart of Irish life and culture to be ripped limb from limb unchallenged. Self Promotion is not activism. They have not supported doctors, activists and victims of the vaccine facism. The National Party pretends unvaccinated people don’t exist in what I can only describe as a mirrored reflection of government attitude towards us. We were cast aside in favour of the popular vote. The National Party will have no mandate until they address these issues directly and engage with the patriots of Ireland correctly.

While we wait with abated breath for Official Nationalism to lower themselves networking with the common folk, Ireland needs a new party. A nationalist party that embraces traditionalism, Sovereignty and freedom, free from the dogma of the foreign ideologies of facism, Communism and the newly established federalist technocracy of Europe. A party that forces the Irish language to the fore in the education system, protects our children from this new strain of pedophilia sweeping through the minds of our once trusted educators. We need to breed a new generation of Fenians who value home ownership, small government and family values. We need to end our reliance on Europe and push as hard as we can for the removal of Ireland from the EU. Only then can we say we achieved the Republic that was fought hard for over the centuries.

Our history, the history of Eire, has an unbroken chain of tribalistic warrior-poets repeatedly ebbing and flowing through the eons like the waves of the sea or the beating of a heart. In Dail Session on the 7th of January 1922, Harry Boland said the following in response to Michael Collins’ short sightedness on the treaty:

“Our late leader, Pádraic Pearse, said that this fight for Ireland was like a divine religion. It has come down to us in apostolic succession. In his language, in his summing up he told us that the veterans of Kinsale fought at Benburb, the veterans of Benburb fought with Sarsfield in Limerick and the veterans of Limerick kept the fires of the nation burning from Limerick to Dungannon; the veterans of Dungannon of '82 fought in 1798; Robert Holmes, the friend of Tone, was also the friend of Emmet; the man who defended Emmet lived to be a Young Irelander; three veterans of the Young Ireland movement founded Fenianism, and the veterans of the Fenian movement stood with the Volunteers of 1916. We picked it up in 1916 and we brought the Irish Republic out of the backwoods, away from the dark rooms of secret societies, and preached the gospel before the Irish people; and we asked them to stand for an independent Republic”.

It is for this very reason I attended the event at Béal na Bláth. I was there to fulfil the obligations laid at my feet from the dead generations that have come before us. Im nowhere near as impressive or capable as these giants but I will be present and accounted for. We should not view their utterances as historical grand standing or poetic indulgence, rather, we should take pride in them, study them and emulate them. The Ireland they envisaged is in us all. The knowledge of it, the experience of it, what it looks like, what it smells like and how it sounds. Gaelic revivalism was completely about the restoration of the Irish people as they were because of the damage done by the minority, foreign presence in this country. Many of their breed fought with us against their own in realisation of the tyranny they administered. They are as Irish as any of us. More so in some cases, Wolfe Tone comes to mind .

Admittedly it is not a far leap from there to the ethno “nationalism” of the Weimar republic on paper, but thin skinned and uncultured fools thrive on the fact they cant tell the wood from the trees. The wider Irish people are not racialists or supremacists. Pride is not the same as supremacy. A read through of the Book of Invasions might sober up a few of the ethnic purists should they read it and realise their dark hair, brown eyes and sallow skin come from a race of people known as the Milesians. We are a nation of mixed heritage but a common identity. This identity must be preserved. Just like Hitlers “final solution” the globalist push for Kalergi’s Master Race is no fairy tale. It’s time to push the racial dichotomy of the Eugenicist Europhiles back out to sea. We must break free from the rigid dichotomy of Hitler-Kalergi. We need to remove those in power who think they have the right to keep us apart or force us to mix. Those decisions are for the individual and the individual alone. The movement of people, our autonomy must not be reduced to informal policy lest we compare ourselves to cattle.

The Gaelic League laid out a blueprint for us by creating an education program from scratch to breed us and train us to be ourselves. They refined the National sports of Hurling and Gaelic Football and placed them firmly at the hearts of every community. Every child had a book of songs and poems in his pocket. Out of almost nothing the Gaels ha returned to Ireland. All of this was achieved under Crown Rule. Under this new plantation we must again usher in an era of cultural protectionism.We do not have the same level of tyranny here yet but Europe is about to go full speed into a Social Credit System. It wont be long now before Irish cultural archives come under attack from the internationalist left and right. They have begun a campaign of book burning already. With no law to even support them they have pressured many traditional and retro cultural significances from our food-chain. The Pogues and Kirsty McColl’s Fairytail of New York came under fire in recent years for the use of the word Faggot. They pretend to be offended at Nationalist pop culture and scream and wail for its removal in favour of homogenised generic music with themes of debauchery and degeneracy. God forbid if we played a re-run of of Glenroe they would end up having a stroke. A real flush out of RTE and influx of wholesome, constructive and Patriotic content is needed. This is after all the land of Saints and scholars and it should not have to suffer the nonsense of modern reality TV and ladled out portions of auto-tuned scutter-rap.

Nationalism is not easy these days. The entire Global Hegemony is hell bent on snuffing it out. A particular effort needs to be made by the socialist left wing Nationalists and the renewed traditionalist Nationalists to form an alliance. A no-compete pact where we come for the Dail and as many of its seats as we can. I would rather hear socialist economics from the mouth of a fenian than the arsehole of a globalist. Both the “nationalist” parties in Ireland either openly advocate European integration or keep the European idea in the fridge in anticipation of a re-heat at some point later on. I will say this as it has been said over the generations that came before, We should accept no institution but our own.

The ideals of freedom have been perfected already. We must return to them. I suggest having a browse through Thomas Payne’s Rights of Man as this document was identified by the father of Irish Republicanism, Wolfe Tone, as the standard to aim for in his rebellion against foreign rule. In it the founding principles of their idea of a free Nation are laid out. Take special note of point three. No provision for recognition of any power, foreign or domestic, that can supersede the nation.

Declaration Of The Rights Of Man
And Of Citizens
By The National Assembly Of France

The representatives of the people of France, formed into a National Assembly, doth recognise and declare, in the presence of the Supreme Being, and with the hope of his blessing and favour, the following sacred rights of men and of citizens:

Men are born, and continue, free and equal in respect of their Rights.

The end of all Political associations is the Preservation of the Natural and Imprescriptible Rights of Man; Liberty, Property, Security, and Resistance of Oppression.

The Nation is the source of all Sovereignty.

Political Liberty consists in the power of doing whatever does not Injure another.

Five: The Law ought to Prohibit only actions hurtful to Society. What is not Prohibited should not be hindered.

The Law is an expression of the Will of the Community. All Citizens have a right to concur, either personally or by their Representatives, in its formation.

No Man should be accused, arrested, or held in confinement, except in cases determined by the Law.

The Law ought to impose no other penalties but such as are absolutely and evidently necessary.

Every Man being presumed innocent till he has been convicted. No Man ought to be molested on account of his opinions, not even on account of his Religious opinions, provided his avowal of them does not disturb the Public Order.

Citizens may speak, write, and publish freely. A Public force is instituted for the benefit of the Community and not for the particular benefit of the persons to whom it is intrusted.

Contributions for defraying the expenses of Government ought to be divided equally among the Members of the Community, according to their abilities.

Every Citizen has a Right, either by himself or his Representative, to a free voice in determining the necessity of Public Contributions.

Every Community has a Right to demand of all its agents an account of their conduct.

Every Community in which a Separation of Powers and a Security of Rights is not Provided for, wants a Constitution.

The Right to Property being inviolable and sacred, no one ought to be deprived of it, except in cases of evident Public necessity.

A new political force would have to write a successor to this Declaration and the Declarations of the Patriot dead of Ireland, removing the evils of the digital age and copper-fastening the Natural Order and the Inviolable Sovereignty of the Irish Nation and its people. Such a Declaration would need to be penned in such a way that it would be immune to encroachment from the Schwabists, making it a Capitol offence to be a member, elected or otherwise, of a Public, Private or Secret entity that advocates Multilateralism in place of the Irish Nation. 

Níl institiúid ach ár gceann féin

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