Irish Republican Brotherhood

In what I must admit are unsuprising circumstances, an old flame has shown up late to the party. The Irish Republican Brotherhood, or a version of them, has emerged from the shadows in what appears to be an attempt to consolidate resources and skills and reignite the flames of Irish Republicanism. This will invoke excitement in some and suspicion in others. I am going to try and explain what this means for us as a movement, and as a country.

The goals of the old IRB were the capture and liberation of the 32 counties, the promotion of the Irish genius and culture and Sovereignty. Does this new band of brothers have that same goal in mind? do they have the ability integrity and charisma to grow from a council of 12 and reach the heights they once obtained? Can they lure the GAA players, the teachers, the solicitors and barristors, the publicans and the disenfrachised youth? The Gaurds? I can confirm that I have had the pleasure of meeting some of these people through the movement and I can say that honestly I am of two minds on what to think.

My apprehensions are a combination of both the history of the IRB, and also the fabric of its current roster. The IRB was founded by James Stephens, a freemason but an Irish Nationalist none the less. James Stephens was involved with a network of masons in France and Russia and Coordinated efforts with them to spark rebellions around the world. The motives here are contested. Was he genuine about Irelands freedom or was he just a purveyor of communism, seeking to destablise the current imperialist slave system to achieve its implementation here? possibly both, we will never know. What we do know is they started a revolution that ultimately led to Irelands freedom.

Now one issue that I must address is the issue of freemasonry. Truth seekers are allergic to it because they know its rought with lies and deciet and contempt for the common man. This is all true. What is also true is that freemasons have been at the heart of Irish Nationalsm from day one and the vast majority of these freemasons genuinely fought for our freedom against other masons who were loyal to the crown. Freemasonry itself is a complex network of both virtuous men and also morally bankrupt vile creatures. They are everywhere. They will be under under every rock we lift, they will be behind every attack on us and every defense of us. This is their nature. The term "controlled opposition" comes to mind when you involve masons in your affairs as they swear a blood oath to each other above fealty to Nations or even their own families. We must remove our ignorance of such things and also educate ouselves on them to truly win this war. Their secrecy in this Great Awakening is a problem they must address. I personally feel a public message of commitment to the cause from the Irish Nationalists involved, that are masons, would go along way to garnering support. The public are wiser to masonry now than they ever were. They understand all of the teachings of masonry and very little is left unknown about their "secret" club. We will not allow you to lurk in the shadows this time.

This new Supreme Council for me does not, Immediately, command respect althought certain individuals on this council do. I know some of them personally and can vouch for their character and passion for Ireland. I dont know all of them and can only go on what I can see written about them. I do not think it is wise to fall at their feet and swear fealty simply because they carry the IRB name. Our Pheonix, the rebirth of Nationalism, in response to the Globalist agenda will unfortunately also bring naievity and gullibility. We are all rekindling our interest in our history and sense of shared identity. We must not give the torch of Ireland to a handfull of people hoping they will save us. We must first ask ourselves are they legitimate? Is there a chain of custody here that bestows this honour upon them or are simply reaching out to clasp their hands around it.

We can sort out some of that with a few questions which they must answer.

I ask these questions here publicly and demand a public response from a representative of this council:

  • Who is the current President/Leader of the IRB?
  • Do they have a proof of approval to commission the creation of such council?
  • Why are there other groups proclaiming to be the IRB?
  • what is/where is your manifesto?
  • Is there a polical party/ political wing to your group?
  • I want to see Irish Nationalism truly represented such as socialists, libertarians, traditionalists, catholic/protestant/prespertyrian etc what are your political leanings? It looks to me on face value you are a right wing group. This would not be a wise move as we have a huge left wing nationalist diaspora in Ireland and they must be part of anything that proclaims a title of such prestige such as the IRB. can you address this in full?
  • The people of Ireland need to see Irish Nationalism in the streets, town halls and in the news. Can you achieve this?
  • It is my belief that in order to save Ireland and its culture we must unite the left and right wing Nationalists. what will you do to achieve this?
  • Do you have Freemasons among your ranks?
  • Are any of you connected with other political groups or lodges over-seas?

Depending on the answers to these questions, we the Irish people will be faced with a dillema. Get behind them or, alternatively, sit back like the last two years and let the WEF vultures pick at Irelands carcass. We are in such a perilous position we may feel pressured to hang our hat on this new hope but I for one will sit back and see how this group of individuals respond to the questions and the needs of the movement. Will they lead era of political and social opposition to the elite or will the spin their wheels in the mud?

Excitement and apprehension consume me in equal measure.

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