How to not make the general public hate us.

A great frustration that is felt by nationalists and truthers all over Ireland is the absolute destruction of our public image by people who cannot control themselves and their emotions. People roaring their heads off in an undignified manner, harassing passers by, getting provoked by opposition, poor optics from looking shabby, ridiculous infighting, making themselves centre of attention while making fools of themselves, posting ridiculous and stupid posts online representing their movements and worst of all, virtue signalling how patriotic and useful to the cause they are while doing this. Behaviour like this, by what is admittedly a small minority, has had an untold impact on people's motivation for activism and our image to the general public who would otherwise have been supportive and if not supportive, at least not hostile. This problem has been going on for far too long and has never been addressed properly. If we don't address this soon we are going nowhere.
     What is driving this behaviour? There are multiple different contributing factors to consider. First of all many of the people standing up against the largest propaganda campaign the world has ever seen have obviously been damaged by it over the last 2 years. Some have had it worse than others and it's important to take that into account when making criticisms. Secondly ego is a factor. Many people in this movement think that because they have managed to resist the globalist agenda thus far that they are now all-knowing and that their intuition and world view is absolutely correct and cannot be challenged. Many personalities have emerged showing this characteristic whether it be leaders of political parties not accepting criticism and leaving their members to try explain their poor behaviour when talking to the public or group leaders causing massive divisions by calling people they don't like "shills" or "plants". Ego also makes people want to be the centre of attention and on camera all the time. Having arguments with others and getting social media involved in it is also a sign of an egotistical and attention seeking person. Hedonistic egotism is destroying this movement (as it destroyed other nationalist causes the world over) all to fill the holes in poorly socialised and damaged people's lives. It would be wiser to fix one's personal problems before going into battle with the regime to win the hearts and minds of the Irish people. These same traits can be seen in people who push the "common law" and Qanon Psy-Ops that have done major damage to activism here in Ireland. Thirdly, lack of discipline. The people that are causing the most embarrassment all lack discipline. They can't control their emotions, can't stay calm when provoked and they can't sit still and not be the centre of attention. When someone can't control themselves they become a liability and will ruin everything that everyone else is trying to achieve.
     Age also seems to be a common denominator among the few individuals who are causing the problems. I cannot think of any examples of individuals under 30 who are behaving in this manner. This has led to the divisive term "boomer" being thrown around by young nationalists and "boomerism" being the word to describe the embarrassing behaviour. This criticism is well warranted when one thinks of the disgraceful manner some of those supposedly representing the resistance to globalism have conducted themselves with. But another point to make is that young nationalists are rarely seen taking real action on the streets and this is contributing to the problem. When young people are nowhere to be seen it leaves it up to the "boomers" to fill that gap. It's all well and good to criticise others but if you are not willing to step up to the plate and do it right yourself then the criticism is meaningless.
     Also the ego seems to be creeping in with the young nationalists who label everyone who is not like them as "boomers" which is a total disregard for the solid operators who handle themselves with honour and integrity and work with determination and seek no reward or fame for it. These are the people you don't see on the "boomer cringe compilations''. These are the people who have been and are building the nationalist movement in Ireland and their work and sacrifice shouldn't be understated. Criticism alone is not good enough for young nationalists to overcome the problem that they are so frustrated about. Young people need to be called out for not being present when the challenge is being made. If you sit at home complaining instead of making the challenge you have no ground to stand on. Either step up to the plate or forever be complaining.
     What is the cost of this kind of behaviour? I think it is very great and that we have a huge responsibility when making a public challenge. I think poor behaviour on our part led to people taking the experimental injections that were pushed because they had such a bad experience with the other side of the argument. The future of our nation is at stake. This is warfare, it is not a game or hobby. We must never lose sight of that. Is having that emotional outburst because you've been having a rough day really worth it when you are representing the resistance to a very powerful enemy that seeks to undermine you at every turn?
     How does the nationalist movement in Ireland overcome this problem? Do we disassociate and exclude people? Do we just carry on in hopes the problem goes away? I say we deliver an ultimatum to ourselves and to all others who are involved in the movement. Either behave with honour and integrity and keep your composure or go home because you are doing more damage than any of the opposition possibly could.
     There are plenty of talented, devoted and dedicated Irish people both young and old and we need to sharpen and refine our public image in order to win the hearts and minds of the Irish people. If this means rooting out the bad eggs that refuse to improve their behaviour or heed our advice then so be it.

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