Let’s raise a glass to Nationalism, Populism and EU scepticism

Our beloved - soon to be once again - Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar stated recently on one of his private unchallenged platforms, Newstalk, that should people who have become disenchanted with the housing situation, decide to turn towards, as he put it, “nationalism, populism and EU scepticism”, they could not only be unable to own their own homes but may even lose their job into the bargain. It was delivered with that cuddly statesmanlike snicker and elegant wave of the arms that this magnetic, charismatic, truly inspirational figure can only pull off. All joking aside, this is a fascinating comment which can be decoded in a number of ways which I will attempt to do. I may be giving Mr. Varadkar slightly too much credit here, but it really is an utterance that could be aimed at three separate sections of the population.

The way the average Newstalk listener, loyal to the regime, most likely will hear this in my opinion, is - that nationalism and populism and above all EU scepticism (after all we are all Europeans now) is an insular and narrow-minded model which will not attract the big tech corporations that can pay the salaries that enable their 3-4 holidays a year and help them afford a younger Tesla than Barry next door. Even though the EU has actively and continually sought to increase the corporation tax which has been a key driver in attracting them here in the first place. To the Irish middle class EU criticism and scepticism, is worse than blasphemy was to their parents and grandparents. They would likely be chuckling and chortling listening on the car radio in rapturous appreciation of their progressive hero, they affectionately refer to as, Leo.

The second group are the kind who would rather not be on first name terms with an individual they believe to be a treacherous, duplicitous and on occasion vicious, career political operator. He is universally detested by this group and they will never accept him as their leader. A man who unashamedly, even proudly shows greater allegiance to the European project and the World Economic Forum than to the people who he plays a poor role at representing. The latter organisation who want to steer us all towards digital, technocratic, communism - having groomed him for his current role. The supranational body of NGO’s, corporations and political leaders of nations who’s ‘cabinets they have penetrated’, to paraphrase their founder Klaus Schwab. This group of people feel that the mere attendance at Davos of our Tanaiste and Taoiseach, flanked by a motley crew of utopian, transhumanist headcases, is in and of itself an act of treason, which both he and Micheál Martin engaged in. The fact no charges will be brought for Varadkars famous leak, galvanises the position and opinions of this group. There are a different set of rules for this young global leader it would seem to that of the ‘proletariat’.

His comment, to this group was more of a toothless show of strength and a feeble veiled threat which will be like water of a ducks back to people who only last year were prepared to die rather than take an experimental injection which has now, judging by the daily emerging data, surpassed their worst fears and is having a devastating effect on health. No, this group will be most likely unmoved and will not be in the slightest bit intimidated by his latest petulant outburst.

The third group however, is who I believe to be the real target of this soundbite. To this group it is a threat, to deter anyone from aligning themselves with, who the likes of Varadkar refers to as, ‘the far right’ (ie. anyone opposed to the harmful, irresponsible and incompetent policies of the government he’s a part of and to the totalitarian mind virus of cultural Marxism in general which currently dominates Irish politics).

That group dear friends is you. The growing number of people out there who are starting to come to the terrifying realisation that the ones who were castigated, demonised, vilified and segregated for two years were actually right and were trying their best, despite the personal cost to themselves, to warn you. You are now witnessing the beginning and unfolding of the fallout from not only a failed vaccine program, but one which (given the emerging data) is causing sickness, harm and in many cases death - though that will never be admitted of course. We are dealing with a cult, where dogma and ideology trumps logic. But they would never do that of course, would they? Who will ever truly know with absolute certainty, because of both the ease of blaming other causes or indeed Covid itself, coupled with the religious fervour and defence by the faithful of the infallible vaccine. Whether the motives deliberately spilled over from basic racketeering and profit chasing by Pfizer and the other corporate giants, to an actual covert scheme to reduce the population of the planet, who knows, but with sudden deaths on the increase and birth rates plummeting globally, it certainly seems to be playing out that way.

Look at all the extremely sinister individuals promoting the holy sacrament. When proven psychopaths like Bush, Blair, Fauci, Gates and the fraud of the century Obama, among many others, who have placed such little value on human life in the past, are suddenly poster boys championing an experimental treatment wanting to ‘protect’ you and your children for free, with no agenda, just the kindness of their hearts, alarm bells should be ringing. Especially when some were offering burgers, fries and beers and even a free crack at ‘spin the wheel’. Considering these people are also almost religious in their belief that the planet is overpopulated, it should have been enough to say, “Nah I’ll pass”. But the fear of being left behind - which they cultivated well with the pretend scarcity - was too much for many to bear. If they were to conspire to do something so diabolical (which is in their nature as previous exploits have clearly shown), tell me, could their possibly be a better delivery system? The tip of a medical device in the hands of a trusted health expert with the full consent of the victim. Unparalleled plausible deniability and side effects or even death could be explained away, at best caused by something else or at worst a tragic rarity born out of the desire to do good. The health professionals certainly wouldn’t want to implicate themselves. They along with the parents who injected their children will go to their graves without entertaining such a dark possibility.

Are you beginning to see it yet? Deaths in young people are off the scale since the vaccine rollout. Most people now know somebody of a young age who has died ‘suddenly’. Heart problems rising due to ‘climate change’ and other anomalies that were strangely not fatal prior to the logistical triumph that was the vaccine rollout. I want to be clear that I and others who abstained are in no mood to gloat, I hope from the bottom of my heart, that everyone I know who took part in this medical experiment come to no harm, but truths must be faced and confronted. If you have been harmed yourself or had a family member suffer an untimely death, would you not want justice?

This is a harrowing realisation to come to. The fact you have been tricked and lied to on such a grand scale, but it is the Rubicon you must now cross in order to take back your dignity and stop lying to yourself. The group whom the powers that be have vilified, through their pathetic dinosaur media are the ones who had your back all along. Make no mistake, if you are starting to come to this realisation, which I know many of you are, who would you want in your corner? A government and group of experts who hate your guts so much that they were happy to experiment on you and your children for a disease exaggerated beyond all reason by a bogus and flawed PCR test, with an untested treatment. A group of still masked up, neurotic germaphobes, who are currently queuing up for number four (of what failed 3 times already) and are so deep in the cult they will call for lockdowns and the reintroduction of vaccine passports, should a new variant arrive back on the scene. Or us, who have been in the trenches and are battle hardened. Prepared to continue to speak out and do the right thing regardless of the ridicule, attacks from the media, the lunatic lefties or any other consequence, fully aware that a psychological and spiritual war has been declared upon us, by forces who see man as a mere machine, to be controlled, tagged and yes, even culled when required, rather than the incredible, resourceful, intelligent being that has existed on this planet for millennia.

This has been a magicians trick from the outset, a sleight of hand carried out by psychological terrorists, made possible largely because of fear and what Belgian professor of psychology (and the worlds leading expert on the phenomenon of mass formation during the Covid hysteria) Mattias Desmet, refers to as ‘free-floating anxiety’. Also the sense of helplessness and nihilism present in large swathes of the population, that has resulted from meaningless unfulfilling jobs and a deterioration in social cohesion in part due to an increasing dependence on technology and systems, rather than humans themselves. This has left people feeling unfulfilled and isolated and has had a profound effect on allowing the population of the west to osmotically become totalitarian. This is an unusual phenomenon because the emergence of a health scare has now been proven to be capable of creating a tyranny from the bottom up rather than top down. Empowering and promoting the worst form of cowards, cranks and downright nasty people among us as it’s enforcers.

There is no denying now that the Covid vaccines have killed many people. The data confirms it. Yet people are still queuing up for boosters to protect them from something they need to get tested for to know if they have it, in the majority of cases. That is completely insane. Particularly when you consider four doses still doesn’t prevent you from getting it or being hospitalised. In the Irish Independent on 22 June 2022, Elish O’Reagan wrote an article entitled, Chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan backs plan to reduce Covid tests and tracing. This however is not even close to being the most important piece of information contained within the article. In it, it states:

“Dr Holohan said last week that more than seven in 10 patients hospitalised directly due to Covid-19 complications were aged 65 and older. His weekly report, compiled last Friday, said of those in hospital of all ages directly due to Covid at that point 46pc had received a booster vaccination, 19pc had completed primary vaccination and 35pc were partially vaccinated”.

You don’t need to be Carol Vorderman to tally that those percentages equal 100. Meaning every single person sick from the disease has at least been partially vaccinated against it. No unvaccinated (who should all be dead considering the perceived dangers) factor in these statistics. So there you have it. Try to explain it away with whatever flowery buzzwords you’ve picked up from your resident RTÉ expert, but the numbers don’t lie. This is conclusive proof that they actually made things worse and the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ were absolutely correct to abstain and in fact got it more right than the so called experts. Why are there no unvaccinated? Could it be that they now have long lasting natural immunity instead of a weakened immune system due to antibody dependency enhancement, a possible outcome which so many of the censored experts warned about repeatedly. Can’t have an opinion on that sadly, as I’m not an expert. All I know is that the unvaccinated remain unvaccinated. There is absolutely no regret on our part. It’s closer to relief in fact.

Those who colluded in this monumental crime against humanity may never be brought to justice. Particularly in Ireland where failure and mediocrity are revered. They are more likely to receive a golden handshake and consultancy role as a reward. But ask yourself one thing. If they are not guilty of fraud and malfeasance on an industrial scale, then how were ordinary people who were not experts capable of getting their predictions so much more accurate than those who were paid enormous salaries to work daily on all things Covid. Could it be, the experts were possibly being financed and influenced by powerful pharmaceutical lobbies to enforce a beneficial narrative? Or given donations by a certain foundation owned by a creepy software developer (who could speak freely as the leading global voice on health on the mainstream pulpit, while actual health experts were de-platformed and even struck off) who has a bizarre interest in the immunisation of the entire planet. Particularly in the third world, devastating India specifically with polio vaccines? Who knows but one thing is clearly apparent beyond all reasonable doubt now to any sane person, not under hypnosis or deep in the clutches of the cult. They were interested in protecting NO ONE and only a fool could still believe that to be their goal.

It’s often said that we on the side of individual freedom rather than that of the collective totalitarian model that has emerged, are in an echo chamber. But so are they, only theirs is getting smaller and agents like Varadkar know this and betray their feelings every once in a while with little outbursts such as the one on Newstalk. They know as more and more adverse effects and deaths continue to increase (and they sadly will) the harder it will be to keep a lid on their crime. They know that the people who sacrifice their weekend to hold a placard on the side of the road to inform the public of the enormity of the situation facing us and others like them all across the country involved in other initiatives, are not going away. Pressure is most certainly being applied now by a public who are armed with a justified righteous anger burning inside them. The housing catastrophe is another expression of the contempt the Irish people are viewed with, by their so called betters. Hate speech legislation also designed to shut down the dissent is due to be introduced in the autumn. A sinister and evil tool to protect bad policy and policy makers from criticism, under penalty of conviction.

‘Hate speech’ (their words), was continuously levelled at the unvaccinated during the so called pandemic, but that was fine because it was state sanctioned. A far smaller minority who claim to be oppressed, almost have the green light to enter the primary schools to warp the minds of young pre-pubescent children, one even pictured exposing themselves to young children without consequence, draping their flag across the desk of the current Taoiseach and ‘cutting ties’ with the state broadcaster for daring to open up the floor to debate. Which was surprising to say the least. That is not oppression. That’s power. And it is yet another totalitarian mechanism and lever being used in an attempt to strangle the traditional family. The attack is coming from all angles under the guise of virtue and equality.

Democide has been perpetrated upon the Irish people and indeed the people of the wider world. That, to any rational mind is far greater a crime than hurting somebodies feelings. Or at least it once was. If there is any divine justice, the Malthusian monsters responsible will be crushed under the weight of its wages.

These people know they are far safer under the umbrella of globalism and the EU and they are well aware that a resurgence of people power and nationalism could not only disrupt their goals, but have the potential to bring them to justice. Populism is defined in the dictionary as, a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups. Nationalism is defined as, an ideology that emphasises loyalty, devotion, or allegiance to a nation or nation-state and holds that such obligations outweigh other individual or group interests. The fact that Leo Varadkar views these ideals as negative values to possess should clearly prove that (a) He is an elitist with scant regard for ordinary people and (b) He has no interest whatsoever in the destiny, success or well being of this nation.

For now it’s enough for you to know, we see you, Varadkar and co.

We see you!

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