There's Something About Mary

So, we are 22 days into “Pride” and we should now feel a greater sense of acceptance, compassion and understanding towards other people who may not see the world the same as us or have the same behaviours as us. And the truth is, we do. We have now come to terms with our deep-rooted hatred and rejection towards non standard sexuality and sexual-expression. We now see clearly where we were wrong.

For years, let’s say in or around the 1980’s and 1990’s, we had a society that allowed those of alternate sexualities to express themselves within their own clubs and communities. It was restricted to over 18’s (or the age of majority) and certainly not protected from ridicule. Breaches of public decency and the invasion of the innocence of children were handled with blunt opposition by the court of public opinion and the law. It is now clear in 2022 that we were wrong to deviate from that position.

We now have allowed a section of society to take pole position above others and place the worst aspects of the human condition on display. Mental illness, detachment from reality, antagonism, sexual perversion and pedophilia all tolerated by conservative and moderate society alike. Only on deeper inspection do we see the real agenda at foot here. How is it that multi-Billion Dollar capitalist businesses and the Socialist NGO complex share the same vitriolic support for this social engineering experiment? How is it that this coordinated campaign of degeneracy involves all of these denizens of society that proclaim publicly to oppose each other? Although rhetorical in nature the answers to those questions, however you try and reason with yourself, points to one thing. An intentional campaign against the fabric of society.

One of the heavily promoted walks of life these days is Drag. I have no issue with Drag in general, my old postman was cross dressing DJ by night, but if you ignore what drag actually is then you're as complicit as the rest in the degeneracy as there are now no adults in the room whereas this topic is concerned. Drag is the expression of a desire to be the opposite sex. Although exaggerated mannerisms and wearing your mothers clothes may be entertaining to others initially, It is often a cry for help from individuals in broken homes, cut out of their circle of friends or even self induced isolation through lack of confidence or acceptance of themselves for who they are. Drag has facilitated the rise in sex-changes both medicinal and procedural. People who once were innocent children are now cutting off and altering perfectly healthy body parts and irreversibly altering the course of their lives for the worst. The sad reality is all of these speculative victims of attention seeking are destroying the public perception of actual, medically preferential treatment for those of us who have genuinely been born with a defect, irregularity or otherwise that genuinely warrants such procedures.

The parties involved push this agenda as hard as possible. Pride, once a campaign for acceptance of homosexuality in society in terms of equal status, has become malignant, championing pedophilia, sex change procedures and sexualising of minors and demanding to insert itself into the decisions of parents with their children. It demands that their flag is flown everywhere or else. It specifically targets the family unit, celebrating every conversion as a victory regardless of the age of the victim. It has become so extreme that they want to remove our biological distinctions from literature, language and law. Our children, completely afraid of authority and being signed out, nod their heads in class and agree with these pedo teachers who engage them, outside of the syllabus, on matters of sex. They identify as anything other than straight just to stay under the radar. Some of them even reluctantly take part in unwanted acts of intimacy with fellow pupils just to stay trendy. The absence of parental guidance and the strength of character in these children is evidence of the vitriolic ignorance of these issues in the modern home. Dad is either there and cucked or else not there at all. Mum is suffering from Munchausen-by-proxy.

Children are being born into this world looking at these abject failures of parents who are supposed to build a nest for them, teach them to fly and what flowers to collect nectar from. Instead the birds and the bees are substituted for hormone blockers and drag shows. Thankfully children are far smarter than we ever give them credit for. There is footage of a child at a Pride parade in America fighting against his mother to leave. She has her hands forcibly on his head making him look at the men with their exposed anus’s twerking. Pride? I would say the inverse. I would say that that woman would hold down her little baby for those men if she was asked. The police are not arresting her. The child protection services celebrate it. The flags fly on every building to mark the conquest over the innocence of the child. He fought as hard as he could. He will remember this for the rest of his life and one day, when he is a man, he will cut her out of his life. If he makes it.

I see a lot of push back on this, finally in the last few weeks. Leah Thomas was banned from female events. Also a lot of other sporting organisations have made a push back. This Pride ….. month ….. We have seen a worldwide surge in the reach of this ideology to children. Drag queen story time, children’s tv and film engulfed in it, flags everywhere and schools openly permitting teachers to bring it up in class. It has all come to a precipice of what is acceptable, even to those who tried to go along with it. The harsh reality of this agenda has hit home this month with images and footage of children inside strip clubs, putting money down the panties of men in drag. One such video showed a grandmother, grandchild in arms, overcome with glee, stimulated, as a drag queen writhes towards them, artificial breasts exposed and shaken erotically in the child’s face, and collects money from the grandmother. The child in her arms was no more than 3. This was what appeared to be a birthday party in the middle of the day in a class-room full of families. One male in the room had the typical soy face as he seal clapped incessantly at this act of absolute depravity. Some say the parents are worse but if this drag queen had any semblance of respect and maturity they would have refused to perform in front of children and rang the cops. I don’t give the benefit of the doubt when tangible evidence is present. These events are actually being specifically advertised to/for kids on a massive scale.

One such event here in Ireland was held in Dungarvan. Again all of the ingredients of a pro pedophile event/crime scene are present. The drag queen known as “Fifi Fondue” performed a drag show including flashing his junk/underwear on an open air stage beside a children’s play area at an event that advertised “face painting” and other child-related activities. There were children in the actual audience of this event. This has caused outrage amongst the Irish, finally accepting the problem exists, and there are now calls for the drag queen and the parents to be investigated by Gardai. The same depraved culprit has a picture of themselves in drag posing in a Pride themed Garda car to raise more awareness for these special people amongst us. This of course is all paid for by taxpayer donations to “Pride of the Deise”, the event organisers. There are numerous drag queen story time events planned around Ireland that I say is our duty to highlight, call out, and shut down. There is no excuse for adult entertainment becoming children's entertainment. We must not be afraid of the virtue signallers or the cancel culture and grow a pair and be the Men and Women we are supposed to be and attack this predatory agenda with both barrels.

Pride has become what I, along with the wider society always knew it would become, a shit show. It has become an opportunity for predators and deviants to insert themselves into your child's life. Anything that can’t be challenged will ultimately become overrun with opportunism, depravity and virtue. There is a sense of entitlement to this Pride movement now that hasn’t been seen since the Catholic Church was denying it was enabling child abuse. The word Pride is so inaccurate for what this movement/agenda is. It is almost perfectly the opposite of what it should be. Pride is self-abasing, abjectly paedophilic and intentionally disruptive to regular family mechanics. It rejects theism, deism and naturalism and is almost exclusively atheist with its predominant ceremonies typically done in spite of religion and nature. It has a chosen people. The dogmatism in their willingness to destroy the family matches that of any religious fundamentalist. It has a heresy complex. It has rights of passage. It calls on society to shape the laws around itself. Non believers are to be de-platformed, de-professioned, and their presence in society diminished. It covets the minds and the flesh of children. It is by definition, a cult. Any self respecting member of the LGB community should renounce Pride and the flag it flies in your name.

You see, It all comes down to the irrational misguided lust for the flesh of the innocent. This adolescent infatuation with sex causes the sexual infatuation of the adolescent, never maturing into the realisation that having a family of their own would be the missing piece they crave. The only pride you can feel without shame is that of your child’s achievements. Pride is born out of immaturity, lack of sexual control, emotional development issues and nihilism. It must be a vicious cocktail of personality disorders that makes these people both apathetic towards children and regular sexual conventions but yet desire to involve a child in their perversions. We need to banish it from the schools, libraries and the day to day life of the populace and relegate it entirely to the privacy of their own homes or private clubs.

Finally I have a message for those drag queens who are pushing back on their own community. We know you're there, we know you’re finally starting to do the right thing. You need to be more vocal, you need to work with “bigots” to protect the children. You need to ban children from your events. If you want a place in society you must earn it, command it with respect and preserve the integrity of society as a whole. If you can’t do that then you have no place in it.

Please take the time to watch this video. I wholeheartedly support the words of this individual.

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