Cost of Living Theatrics

This article was inspired by the media coverage of the orchestrated "cost of living protests" as well as the demonstrations themselves and the characters of those narrating it so rich in moral indignation.

At the outset we have to say that the cause is just, we ARE in a cost of living crisis and people ARE suffering and what is coming according to many economists will likely bring us into an apocalyptic, Venezuelan style communist state. Depending on where your head has been for the last two years you may or may not realize that people all across Ireland who don't chomp down their propaganda-flakes daily on the six One news have started preparing for food shortages, stock-piling storable food, growing crops and building alternative trade communities. They have been doing this because they aren't idiots, they have seen the signs, small/medium food producers being systematically taken out in every country, farmers herds being cut, major food factories mysteriously catching fire in the US, Irish Farmers receiving payments to Not Cultivate their land under spurious 'environmental reasons'. We listened as the WEF foretold of major cyber attacks taking out our supply chains, the same guys who mysteriously predicted covid, we listened as they tried to cast their spell and said "NO, we will not be caught off guard again". But even without these clues coming from the 'non-mainstream', anybody with half a brain could have predicted major recession and unprecedented inflation in Ireland and all over the world, why? Because of lockdowns . .. because they stopped people from working across near all sectors and some sectors for an incredibly long time, they slabbered them up with perpetual PUP payments, the wage subsidy scheme and an array of covid business continuity grants. All on the taxpayers debt-sheet, not to mention BILLIONS in experimental injectables and a roll-out programme stylized in the image of Germany in 1940s, sorry, I am aware it is a hobby horse of mine so we won't go down this road much further but it IS relevant and to conclude the ones who PAID for that atrocious system of medical coercion and discrimination, the ones who PAID for the covid media grants, Kinzen and 'Nudge unit' contracts, the people who PAID for gardai enforcing this abomination and prosecuting those conscientious objectors for non compliance is. . . US. THAT is why we are entering severe recession and inflation, those are the reasons why our lush, fertile, beautiful and corrupt little country is about to be turned into no-mans land.

The local political mouthpiece, Ocean Fm, covered the Sligo protest 5 times since it happened on Saturday, the wording used was totally positive like "angry residents speak out", "have their voices heard" or "mass mobilization to happen against the cost of living crisis"

All positive and all encouraging narratives used, why? Is protesting trendy now because the paymasters say so? There is speculation that the globalist puppet masters are preparing for a handover of Irish government from the current fall guys (who don't yet know they are being hung out to dry) and given to SF / pbp / hard socialist alliance. Property rights and cost of living are the burning issues, the catalyst for political change but they have still yet to spin their tale. Their task at hand is to whip up public anger or at least the perception of it in order to be the hero's against the cause they created themselves. Ocean Fm tried to do a hit job any time we had a demonstration, if they gave any coverage whatsoever it was negative and branded any person speaking against medical-coercion as 'AntiVax', 'Far-Right', or 'conspiracy theorists'. Ocean FM's Bile Delaney consistently tried to frame vax-passes as 'just part of the process'

The lesson is that if media puppets like ocean Fm are encouraging a political viewpoint, its through incentive-reward. That is to say, when the media are allowing you say it, it ain't the truth.

Front and Center of the Sligo demonstrations are:

  • Rich Declan Cheddar, this guy labelled our rallies, which dwarfed his, as the 'Anti-Vax Pageant'. As people's mental health dragged through the dirt, ritual discrimination daily, many couldn't even bring their children to a GP because of no pass, he was further dehumanizing them by calling them 'the Anti-Vax Pageant'. People like rich Declan Cheddar are political humanitarians, nothing more. When a real, genuine humanitarian crisis called out their name they ignored it, they perpetuated it, they feign humanitarianism for political gain. Let me state that there were many suicides and many vaccine injuries including deaths that were directly caused by this culture of discrimination and coercion, those who pushed these narratives have blood on their hands. Something for you to think about Declan when you're nice and cozy out in Rosses Point, sipping Chardonnay and pretending like you're working class.

  • Gino. It pains me to say anything negative about this man, I respect him a lot and have protested with him many years ago about housing, he is a genuine person but I think he got some things terribly wrong over the last two years. The only positive thing I saw Gino do was share a post by Boyd-Barret saying "forced/mandatory vaccination was wrong",

    So, the partisan talking point was against the vaxpass but when it came down to it Gino supported all the local business doing the discriminating, he defended it vehemently in the local comment section. For what? Money? Livelihoods? I thought your party was called People BEFORE Profit not the other way around. Not a peep when the right to Earn a livelihood was criminalized, not a peep when it came to businesses lapping up the payments for turning people away because of their bodily autonomy.

  • SF, in general, we all know by now that Sinn Fein are NOT to be trusted. They engaged in "vote pairing" scheme with the state which eliminated a key number of votes enabling that abhorrent legislation to be extended.

    That is NOT what an opposition party ought to be doing, I am a republican at heart so I am pained to say the following, but, Sinn Fein want a United Ireland so desperately they would give any semblance of sovereignty away to The WHO, the WEF and the EU to get it.

  • Political Actors. So the Political Actors behind these demonstrations have one other thing in common, aside from failing us with the vaccine passport. They all FAVOURED Lockdowns, none of them will commit to ruling out the same approach again should another pandemic arrive. They championed the very thing that caused the cost of living crisis, along the principle of cause and effect, The Lockdown approach is the cause and recession and inflation the effect.

    It's like forcing medications on someone to tackle symptom after symptom while ignoring and presiding over the root cause of the illness.

Without addressing these political failings these people have No Moral standing to sound the rally call. Irish communities literally felt the contempt for them and for their constitution, with those bitter memories still so vivid its fair to say that Irish people will see these rally calls and calls for mass mobilizations as pontification at best. If anyone I alluded to feels I have gotten it wrong and would like to correct the record please be my guest.

I would like to formally invite those mentioned to a debate on cost of living crisis / property rights on the Caint Saor podcast, fair and balanced. Alternatively we could organize a public debate, get it out in the open. If you don't respond to either of these invites, fear not, we will be organizing public debates in the near future and you will be invited then again.

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