The Peoples' Republic?

I recently attended a public meeting in Celbridge to discuss the proposed 39th Amendment to the Irish constitution. A bill has been put forward by the usual extreme left politicians within Dáil Éireann, namely Richard Boyd Barrett, Paul Murphy, Gino Kenny and Bríd Smith, which seeks to reduce - or in the wording of the bill, delimit - the right to own private property. It’s presented as a means of tackling vulture funds buying up the property market, but this is a fallacy. There are no protections within the bill which would prevent the current, or future governments from going after the property of individuals, who would be less capable of putting up a fight, than the much larger obstacle of an investment firm.

No three words send a shiver down the spine of freedom loving people like ‘the greater good’. Quite possibly the most totalitarian, autocratic expression ever coined. Who’s greater good? Determined by whom? The phrase inherently lends itself to the assumption that sacrificing certain rights and privileges to a higher power and a higher purpose, will potentially pay dividends to increased social cohesion and to the overall betterment of society as a whole. If this is to the cost of the experience of the individual, how is it possible to quantify, by any metric? I wonder how happy those behind the old Iron Curtain were not too long ago when their personal wealth was nationalised? You see, this is the great trick the communists play. The world would be a far more pleasant place if people just shared everything, a Utopia in fact, but decided by us, acceptance that only we know best. ‘We’ being, the newly created bourgeoisie, who control all the levers of power and resources once the cultural revolution is complete.

Depending on the benevolence of would be supreme rulers is a gamble most educated people would decline to bet on, considering the weight of historical evidence that it invariably leads to suffering, starvation and bloodshed. It is also - due to the extreme controls placed upon society to keep this flawed model in place - a notoriously difficult system to escape from once implemented. As the saying goes, ‘You can vote your way into Communism but you’ll have to shoot your way out’. The hardcore communist fringe of Boyd Barrett et al, are albeit an extreme expression of the Marxist sentiment that has risen to the surface in Ireland, but it is not to be ignored and taken lightly by any means. They of course present themselves as old school socialists and have expressed that their intentions are pure, but to allow such extraordinary powers to exist in the first place is to legitimatise their use. This will most definitely be abused. No question. The great Russian-American writer and philosopher Ayn Rand once quoted, “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide”.

Richard Boyd Barrett wanted the government to invoke the Emergency Powers Act of 1939, which would allow government the power to take property, in a recent Dáil address.

They can profess benevolent intentions all they want, but history suggests that all Utopians, with almost no exceptions, are ruthless when it comes to the means they employ in striving to reach their stated goals, however well meaning and strong the desire to do good was from the outset. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and make no mistake, the power to decide who gets a roof over their head and who can own property is absolute power in the extreme and not something I would entrust the current regime or ‘opposition’ with, or future ones for that matter. This of course by extension includes the power to confiscate property. Is it fixed or mobile property? Well that depends on how loose the definition and how much room for interpretation there is now doesn’t it.

The public meeting itself had two false starts. The initial venue, Barnhall Rugby Club cancelling the event after intimidation from elements on the extreme left who openly oppose free speech. A new venue was booked, The Courtyard Hotel, in Leixlip who succumbed to the same weakness when threats were made by the same factions of the extreme left; even going so far as to threaten legal action against one of the organisers for asking people to meet outside on the public footpath, to be directed to the new location of the meeting. This is utterly scandalous. This is still a Republic. People have freedom of association and have the right to express their views regardless of the opinions of others, as long as they are not causing anyone any harm. The proprietors of these venues should hang their heads in shame for allowing themselves to be bullied by such disgraceful tactics from these virtuous posturers. It’s indicative of the weakness that is sadly becoming endemic in Irish society. The average Irish person wants a quiet life and is terrified to rock the boat for fear of being labelled by these zealots. But the time for cowardice and inaction has long since passed.

The notion is being fostered within the zeitgeist that’s it’s not ok to ask questions and if you do you’ll be considered a troublemaker for causing a ripple of disturbance within the social order, which has become increasingly insane. To highlight the insanity makes you an inevitable target for the insane. A well known organisation is currently working overtime ringing up venues and cancelling events all over the country, to prevent people with whom they disagree from speaking, because they don’t believe they deserve to be heard. The irony completely lost on them that the very mechanism of free expression they are using to air these grievances, is being used pathologically by them to deny the same right they enjoy, to others. Of course, the quasi-militant organisation I’m speaking of is Antifa, the self proclaimed anti-fascists, who engage in fascist practices to get their way (the utopian mindset again), who not only have links to the leftist parties, such as People Before Profit, but also the establishment parties, with university lecturers having connections to Fine Gael and Fianna Faíl within their ranks. They are clearly being used by the establishment as the tip of the spear to silence the rising, justified dissent within the population.

I am at risk here of going off on a tangent and labouring the point but it needs to be stressed nonetheless. I do not wish to make this a right versus left issue - I am neither - as that feeds the divide and ultimately plays into the hands of those who are manipulating the chaotic situation. However, the tactics being employed need to be brought to light and to the public’s attention, of the lengths to which these people are prepared to go, in attempting to stop a sizeable section of the men and women of Ireland from having a say in the governance of this country. It is predominantly those on the left of the political divide doing the dirty work of the social controllers. That is just a fact.

They themselves fail to realise they will be cast aside and even targeted, once their usefulness has expired, by a ruthless, vicious and toxic establishment who will turn on a sixpence to whatever direction the political wind blows. There is no ‘far right’ in this country, but perhaps the attempts of the establishments’ errand boys and girls in RTÉ and other obsolete media organisations to convince us of such, are to deflect from the existence of a genuine far left, hell bent on creating chaos within society and who are continually pandered to politically and even bankrolled through insidious, undemocratic NGO’s. It is my belief that we need to reach out to whatever sensible voices remain on the moderate left to try band together in an attempt to rescue the country from the current insanity we find ourselves ensnared within. Our so called representatives have made it abundantly clear, with their lack of response to public meeting invitations from we the people, that they view our concerns as irrelevant and are determined to push on with the numerous sovereignty destroying, globalist agendas that they have sold us out to, regardless. It is up to us and us alone. They are traitors who think they have backed the winning horse. They have even resorted to holding their own ‘public meetings’ behind closed doors with padded, friendly questions, highlighting their nervousness towards this new people’s initiative. They are spooked. Roderic O’Gorman - the children’s minister who keeps highly questionable company in the form of Peter Tatchell, the English pedophile apologist, whom he invited to the Dublin Pride parade a few years back. An association he never addressed even remotely satisfactorily and one he will be synonymous with until he does - held one in his own constituency with little, to no prior notice with the announcement of the event. Clearly he would prefer to address an empty room, than face the thinking people remaining in the country.

Back to the matter at hand though. Despite the attempts of these individuals and organisations to silence and subvert the will of the Irish people, the meeting itself was a complete, resounding success. Out of respect for the venue who were kind enough to accommodate us at short notice and for their own protection against probable backlash, I will not name them. It’s sad to say, that in Ireland in 2022 this is a reality. I do not know how we arrived here but alas, here we are. It’s a far cry from the ideals fought for only a century ago. The meeting however, showed all the resilience that our people were once famed for in the face of adversity, to stand up courageously and strong for what we know is right. We will not be bullied or scared into submission by these people, for bullies is all they are. With the regularity and frequency these public meetings are being called, all over the country now, it shows no sign of dissipating and seems we will only get louder as the desire to shut us up increases. The turnout was massive for a Thursday night which was hugely encouraging.

People, I think are now realising the seriousness of the situation and can see that the conflict in Ukraine is being cynically exploited to pour petrol on the fire of an already out of control housing crisis, caused by the inaction of successive governments it must be said, who will now present themselves as the white knights to try offer a solution. The ‘reluctant’ support if this bill being one distinct possibility. We went from 10,000 refugees to no cap within weeks. That’s what happens when psychopaths in government and the civil service meet no resistance. They keep coming. The Covid gravy train should have taught us that much. It’s quite obvious to any still functioning brain, which hasn’t been completely lobotomised by the Late Late show, that behind the thin veneer of virtue the maths and the logic simply don’t tally. Nothing was done for years while the Irish homeless languished on the streets. Yet we are to believe that mild mannered monsters within the halls of power, who turned a blind eye and who also segregated society for ‘safety’ are now suddenly all heart. Letting in people from a war zone completely unvetted and likely unvaccinated, which was of paramount importance in the recent past (only 35.7% of Ukrainians are vaccinated).

Or, is it more likely that liars and hypocrites are staying true to form? Framed beautifully by the actions of the benefactor of the latest bizarre media love in with political personalities, Helen McEntee, who reneged on her promise to house Ukrainian refugees within the bosom of her own home. The nest of her brand new baby so graciously shared with a family in need from the last outpost and line of defence protecting us from the devil that is Putin. Of course she was lying through her teeth, but that merely shows all the potential and complete lack of shame, possessed by her predecessor, Varadkar who was the former darling of RTÉ propelling him to the highest office in the land. An honour he neither deserved, nor was capable of and miraculously will soon return to. McEntee, for her part, looks as if she is being catapulted into the public consciousness to have a stab at Taoiseach herself. She’s the new flavour of the month in Montrose. And sure why wouldn’t she, it’s high time a woman had a go, the Joan of Arc of Meath East. That is no doubt how the flat white sipping imbeciles in weekend Lycra and their Stepford wives in leopard print masks will view the whole thing. Oblivious to the fact their four bedroom domicile is in the gunsights of these very predators they are supporting.

“But sure they can’t do that”, comes the perennial quip of wisdom from the average Irish Joe, or “Don’t be so ridiculous”, from the condescending middle class part-time political analysts, whose primary source is the Irish Times. A once prestigious paper now no more than a woke/establishment rag. Oh but they can do that, dear friends, they absolutely can, once the instrumentation and legal framework allows, they’ve already proven that they will exploit it to its fullest. An era of continuous crises can provide the justification for all manner of state overrreach and ‘solutions’.

The goal is clear. ‘You’ll own nothing and be happy’. Aims taken directly from the World Economic Forum, who are now working closely with the UN and the WHO to accelerate the rollout of Agenda 2030. Present Taoiseach, Micheál Martin and Tanaiste, Leo Varadkar, the flip-flop, tag-team in the strangest of arrangements between the two major parties, are currently attending the summit in Davos. Likely there to be briefed by Klaus Schwab and co., on the next phase of the overall agenda. The insecure need Irish politicians have to be the teachers pet of the globalists and the EU elites, coupled with the complete lack of love for Irish autonomy that these two inadequate men in particular possess, we can expect maximum adherence to whatever orders are at present being received. No doubt the housing question high on that list. There are a number of proposals on the table for the upcoming bill, one is by an NGO called Home for Good, a consortium of charity organisations. One of the speakers at the meeting was a well known legal expert, who expressed that her greater concern was the proposed wording put forward by this NGO rather than Boyd Barrett’s bill. Instead of ‘residents’ it referred to ‘persons’ in relation to those who have a right to housing, which opens up all kinds of legal loopholes, with it being so broadly defined.

This is coming down the tracks at us like an oncoming train, so we must be ready, but it is likely to be the Autumn before it’s pushed through, paving the way for yet another referendum for us to vote on, chipping away at yet another article of the constitution. Given the inevitable one sided campaign, akin to recent referenda, with the full weight of all the machinery of the state behind it, bombardment from TV and radio, it will likely sail through with a huge majority. Particularly with the probability of them targeting the young people, who in the current circumstances are unlikely to be able to afford a home, in an overly inflated housing market. They will almost certainly be pitted against the selfish boomer generation who had it all too easy getting onto the property ladder.

So many ways and angles they can come at this so we need to be streetwise. A real movement needs to build around this issue to be ready to strike when the time comes. This represents possibly the greatest threat to our civil liberties since the famine. I’m hoping some ancestral memory of evictions is triggered by this sinister power grab leading people to realise the imminent danger they are in, compelling them to resist in huge numbers. Your dwelling is sacrosanct. Could this be the line for the silent majority. Only time will tell.

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