Blame Canada

Well, blame Canada, blame Canada, It seems that everything's gone wrong, Since Canada came along ..... or so the song goes. What started as a social media post has fast become the largest convoy of trucks ever assembled. The most polite nation in the world has shown their Castro-styled dictator that they can and will remove him from office with mass unrelenting protests.

With the Canadian truckers well into their second week of protest one one thing comes to my mind. Its over. This period of mass hypnosis is over. The general public can no longer hold onto plausible deniability when this stuff is in their face. They know now. They know its wrong. They always did. But now its uncomfortably unnavoidable.

Although Joe Normie will never admit they were fooled they will admit that it has become ridiculous and mr Normie let me me the first to say to you that we dont need your admission, the admission of a grand conspiracy, what we need from you right now is help. Join us in the trenches. Grab a rifle and lay down suppressive fire so that the special forces can do their thing.

Who are these special forces? well only the best mankind has to offer of course. They are the censored, the silenced. The inventors of the technologies they used to deceive you, the specialists who have treated these illnesses for decades, the nurses, the doctors the media who exposed critical information and were suppressed. All the way down to the regular Joe like you and me who had their livelyhoods threatend and attacked for speaking out, for raising concerns and for blowing the whistle.

The afformentioned people will, if they are assisted by you and me, achieve justice for all of us but we must protect them. We must allow the specialists to be heard. They must testify in a court of law and the conspirators of the WEF and the UN must never see the light of day again. You might still say "but we have our freedoms back" or something else like a surface level response to get out of thinking about these things for too long but this will not suffice and il tell you why. Right now as it stands there are over 35,000 confirmed vaccine deaths in Europe. Some of those people are children. Irish children. This my friend is murder. This is genocide. If you tolerate this then your children will be next.

Engaging in this is not optional as it will come to your door whether you like it or not. If you have taken the vaccine yourself you are now being told you may have to get tested for AIDS. Your children can potentially be born with these AIDS inducing MRNA spike proteins aswell (pregnant mothers take note*). As more and more information about how they are using this "Crisis" to strip you of your rights, your health and your future at some point you are going to have to hold yourself to account and tell yourself ...... I was warned.

The globalist elite right now are fighting against the likes of me for your soul, your approval and your fealty. We require none of those. We see you as our equal. They see you as their subject. A resource to be culled and coerced as they see fit. You are disposable to them. A number. A QR code. At this precipice, before the collapse, the good people of this world only ask one thing of you. leave the cult. dont drink the coolaid.

If I have your attention thus far then I know your ears a pricked. Your ready to be yourself again and not a drone for the hive. Its easy you know..... leaving the cult. You just have to take that first tentative step, absorb the feral reaction from those around you who relied on your compliance to preserve their reality, and feel the cool cold air hit your face again. Take off the mask, get your affairs in order get ready to protest this shit like the Canadians.

One of the things that amazes me is the resiliance of the human spirit. The ability to heal itself, to adapt to the harsh enviornment around it and then bounce back like a spring once the anguish and pressures have been lifted. I, many times in my life faced depression and spirit as much as it did bend never broke. If you the reader feels like your spirit is broken it is not. it is bent permanently by the weight that you allow to rest upon it. You may have tried your best to help and do your part to save granny but now that we, unrelently, have blasted you with the truth you hold the power to end this nonsense. you are the middle ground. the contested vote. Only thing thats left for you to do is cast your ballot and allow your spirit to spring back into place.

Looking at those Canadians, in awful temperatures and snowy conditions come out and block the entire capitol city, shutting down all transport and heavy goods and refusing to buudge until Trudau and his cabinet leave office is immensly powerfull and inspiring. I firmly believe that with our history of enslavement to imperialism we the Irish should have been the first to do this but our media and society at large has been efficiently suppressed under orders from Davos and Brussels. Even still the Irish spirit burns like the sun inside us all and is ready to fullfil its potential. On February 22nd in Dublin there will be an Irish convoy of trucks and I call on every single of of you to be there. get there with your car, your jeep, your lorry , your tractor whatever it is bring it. Bring food and water and prenty of blankets and lets shut these bastards out of our lives once and for all. Its time for this government to go.

Id like to say that this government will have none to blame but themeselves but they will blame far right extremists, climate change and the toxic white male or any other bogey man they can come with. If you want something to blame Irish government, as we swarm around you in numbers, I have it. Blame Canada.

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