We Held The Line!

The recent reopening of society and sudden lifting of restrictions, in my view is cause for huge celebration. We have held the line and have shown that fundamental human rights are still the cornerstone of any free nation, without them what are we left with, law of the jungle with a veneer of law and order and a tyranny of the majority rather than a republic in which the rights and freedom of all, are respected regardless of their religious or political leanings. Coercion and bullying should never be acceptable in any free society regardless of the 'emergency'. We are sovereign beings and have entrusted our sovereignty to be protected by our government, not to be trampled on by it.

There is still a lot of despondency, however, from some quarters within the ranks of those of us who decided not to participate in injecting ourselves with an experiment to protect us from - what is for reasonably healthy people, a mild disease. While it is understandable to be sceptical, it is also not healthy to obsess. We have just been through the opening salvo of a psychological war that's likely to continue for many years and while people can be forgiven for not hanging out the buntings just yet, it is important to take a breath to regroup and take time to enjoy life. Only last year this current climate seemed a lifetime away. We know this is not over by a long shot, but take heart and galvanise yourself, because you did not break.

You refused to participate in what you knew in your heart was wrong, despite the madness that ensued all around you. Even among your friends and worse again, your family. There was a daily barrage from the likes of RTÉ or Newstalk demonising you and still you stood firm. That took enormous strength.

They blinked first!

What does that tell you. Ultimately the power rests with the people. An educated populace is the greatest fear of all tyrants, and make no mistake what we experienced for almost two years was outright tyranny. Those who did participate will sadly probably never see our point of view because there was genuine fear and a restlessness to get access to one of these ineffective, experimental injections. The fact we refused to even wear masks bewildered them beyond belief, such a state of terror they were daily enveloped in by a defunct and obsolete media, who have self destructed and made themselves redundant to anyone with eyes to see, or moreover who merely refuses to lie to themselves. There is a growing regret however in the demographic who went along with this just to 'get back to normal', a lot now know they were conned and we must be compassionate to these people. Anyone can be fooled but refusing to accept you have been fooled, at this stage is simply denial.

A combination of variables conspired against those, who - make no mistake would have rode this gravy train indefinitely if possible - to the point where even in a world where nothing made sense, flogging this particular dead horse made even less. The so called Omicron variant not being so great a risk, the ever growing resistance and the UK Prime Ministers capitulation, coupled with the entire Covid narrative unraveling across the world, all left the position of the control freaks in this country, completely untenable. This proves that, we the people, have more power than we can possibly imagine. Go to any supermarket in a middle class area and there is no evidence of significant pushback, yet a tiny band of misfits who are a diminutive percentage of the population, aided in forcing them to rethink their modus operandi. Imagine a higher demographic of people willing to stand in their power and say NO. None of this would have been possible.

But we are learning fast!

The globalists tentacles are extremely far reaching but they still need their agents on the ground in each country. They need to be exposed and the light shone on them, they are actively working against the interests of the people for personal gain and on the behalf of special interests.

Canada is a prime example of how much power people have. When enough people band together with a unity of purpose great things can be achieved. The pressure is ramping up on the Trudeau government as some Canadian states, like Saskatchewan and Alberta are lifting restrictions and dropping mandates, effectively reducing Mr. Trudeau to a lame little woke duck. His feeble address to the nation had all the bluster of Idi Amin, broadcasting over the airwaves to the Ugandan people imploring them to take up arms and save him from the Tanzanian troops overrunning the country he had presided over with an iron fist. Only instead of the style and flair for theatre Amin possessed with his military regalia, this seemed all the more ridiculous being delivered by a weak male who has all the charisma of an office temp badly dressed for 'casual Friday'.

If the globalists and their frontman Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, lose Canada to the freedom movement, it is a massive bloody nose delivered to them and a big piece removed from their geopolitical chessboard. Schwab has invested a lot of time and money into Trudeau who is one of his 'Young Global Leaders'. There is no reason we cannot do that here in Ireland as we already know who the key players are.

Leo Varadkar is also on Schwabs team of 'Young global Leaders', these leaders around the world have been selected because of their loyalty to globalism as an ideology and in Varadkars case in particular his love for the European project. He has stated on numerous occasions he sees himself as European first and I'm sure uncle Klaus will find a nice cushy consultancy job in Brussels or Davos for him, if they get their plans for Ireland over the line. Stephen Donnellys rise to prominence is equally suspect. He was a management consultant for the firm McKinsey, with his last client being no less than Boris Johnson - you guessed it, another young global leader- Johnson apparently had a hand in persuading Donnelly to go into politics, who by his own admission was 'a reluctant politician'.

Simon Coveney is another hardcore globalist and protégée of Peter Sutherland who he accompanied to a Bilderberg meeting some years back when he was approached by American independent journalist, Luke Rodowski, in which he stated there was nothing 'nefarious' afoot, just the most powerful people in the world under one roof at a private gala discussing their plans for the world.

Nothing undemocratic at all. These people have no love for Ireland or our culture, in fact they are actively working to try weaken it with the Ireland 2040 project. They plan to increase immigration to grow our population but this will have a devastating impact on the nation's identity and contrary to the gaslighting of the woke media and now hard-left establishment and 'opposition', it is not xenophobic to suggest so. At some point we have to start asking serious questions about these individuals and who is actually behind them pulling the strings. We need to be grown up and brave enough to endure the insults and barrage of attacks from the ridiculous mainstream media. Being branded a racist, anti-vaxxer or far right by these people for questioning the destiny they have planned for us, is simply idiotic on their part and should not have the ability to deter us from speaking out and exercising our right to free speech. When they can't win a debate because their position is founded on lies and inversion, they always take the childish approach of name calling and labelling. However, It is not working for them anymore. People are beginning to wise up.

Not all politicians are insiders of course, but if we can expose those who are and gather more and more intelligence on them, the plans of the puppet masters can be severely hampered. Varadkar has dodged the legal bullet now on more than one occasion, but eventually agents like him will have their cover blown as more and more truth emerges. Local politicians can be emboldened to ask more difficult questions if they sense a change in the mood of their constituents, or which direction the political wind is blowing.

We the people have every right to demand proper representation and shine the light on any treasonous individual who wishes to subvert the democratic process and undermine our rights and freedoms, for it is us who have entrusted them to represent our interests. If they choose not to, they have recused themselves from our service and made their positions null and void.

They are our employees, not our masters.

We have forgotten that and they need to remember!

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