Trust the 'experts'

For the past two years the scientific community have been given free reign to insert themselves into the fine details of our lives. These people have consistently got it wrong, their incompetence, hyper-cautious approach and scant disregard for collateral damage, have had a devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of ordinary men and women and the social, psychological and emotional development of our children, due to their catastrophic miscalculations. The destruction they have caused also seems to be consequence free. Perennial harbingers of doom who constantly base their predictions on the worst case scenario. Data modelling is treated as infallible, when it is anything but. Certain conditions need to be identified initially and information decided upon is put into the system before a resulting outcome can be reached. This process is in conflict with the principles of the Observer Effect, which in physics, is the concept that the result or outcome of an experiment can be altered by the one carrying out the experiment, due to his/her investment in the project. Therefore, if there were an inherent bias on the part of the one carrying out the modelling, or it was financial or politically beneficial to achieve a desired outcome, for example - it is quite an easy system to manipulate.

Their is no greater example of this than the apocalyptic prophet himself, Professor Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College, London. Back in the first coronavirus wave he predicted 500,000 Covid deaths and 100,000 cases per day. These figures were taken as gospel by the UK government and policy was shaped around them. The fact that these predictions were still what was driving the response from officialdom, even after the data was shown over time to be inaccurate, was odd to say the least. More and more evidence emerged that this was a disease, that for 99.7% of the population was not fatal. This didn't seem to matter and the response was not tailored to factor in the new information. Lockdowns were the only option. Swedens success in avoiding such drastic measures and basically acting as a control group, made the extreme, restrictive policies all the more bizarre. The motives seemed political rather than scientific. 'Professor Lockdown', as he has come to be known also broke his own lockdown rules to engage in an extra-marital affair, with little to no social distancing or masks, one would imagine. He has recently come out and stated he got his predictions wrong and is now more and more 'optimistic' on the prospect of 'living with Covid'. Oh that's fine then Neil, no harm done. Just an epidemic of suicide from a mental health tidal wave brought on largely by your ineptitude or perhaps worse again, deliberate over-exaggerations. People's life work destroyed by someone on an enormous salary who hasn't missed on paycheque. He actually expressed his delight and couldn't believe his luck, at the fact the bypassing of the democratic process was permitted, in favour of an autocratic CCP style lockdown. He couldn't believe it had actually been so readily accepted by Europeans.

Back in 2001 his flawed modelling led to the needless destruction and culling of six million heads of cattle, during the Foot & Mouth crisis. It has since been claimed by 'experts' that this drastic step 'may have been unnecessary'. The average British farmer who was impacted at the time, I'm sure is elated by the news.

Looking closer to home, we have our own motley crew of academic headcases to contend with, who's continual flip-flopping would leave you dizzy - none more prominent than the rock star himself, Professor Luke O'Neill. The guitar playing, high priest of biochemistry, making science cool again. Sponsored by a radio station and not only given an unchallenged platform by them, but in most cases actually being prompted by his pal and host, Pat Kenny. Am I the only one who finds it deeply unsettling that Newstalk is emblazoned across his lab-coat? He attended think-tanks hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is reported to have been head-hunted by them. I wonder would he be able to turn down the kind of money Gates has to offer to promote a pro-vaccine message? Considering he proudly sports the Newstalk logo and gets a paltry few quid from them in comparison for the privilege, I would highly doubt it. This is not an accusation however, merely a logical observation as it is well known that this foundation finds people within the scientific and medical community who support their ideas and further their interests and backs them financially. Considering Luke has not shied away from the limelight and made himself a public figure and almost, dare I say, a household name, being subject to speculation is one of the pitfalls, I'm afraid.

Who can forget some of the classic quotes. I'm paraphrasing here but they went something like, "a death in every household", " we will need freezer trucks for all the bodies", "all Covid vaccines are 100% effective at stopping transmission and infection, you can even mix and match" and my personal favourite, "your immune system is in the lungs mainly". One of the best of all was his appearance on the Late Late Show - another place where he was constantly given an unchallenged platform - where he stated masks were useless and the virus can get in through your eyes. I don't think it was even a month later when he completely contradicted this statement on Newstalk with "we know masks work". Which is it Luke? I'm confused. But his crowning moment was his encapsulation within a plastic bubble on the Claire Byrne show, presented as a viable means of attending a concert. It is an enduring image which should be his lasting legacy and will provide us with much hilarity, once the dust settles on this whole unsavoury episode.

His Trinity college colleague Kingston Mills, a champion for the vaccination of children against a disease that is almost a non-existent threat to them, is another who pedals doom incessantly. Anthony Staines the disgraced ISAG professor - the team who had the infamous leaked emails about drumming up a state of terror in the public as they 'weren't frightened enough' - has resurfaced and was back warning us of the dangers still present, stating the age profile of infection has shifted to children because they are largely unvaccinated and even looking for the reintroduction of the useless vaccine passports. No evidence provided of course, but that seems to be the new scientific approach, "shut up and trust us, we are the experts". His colleague Gerry Killeen was absolutely aghast the poor man, when he had returned from field work, to a country where children were still in the single digit percentile for vaccination. How barbaric. The man who wanted to attack Ivor Cummins with a hurley, for exposing the inadequacies in hypotheses of teams like theirs who supported radical notions such as zero-Covid, with his statistical analysis.

Sam McConkey has now branched out from his own field of infectious diseases, to weigh in on the social adjustment of men, who now according to McConkey need a license of some sort to access public spaces and participate in society. All for women's safety of course, but one can't help but wonder are these strange nerds out for revenge over the high testosterone alpha-males, who actually had a chance to have a romantic involvement with the attractive women they were only ever capable of being the pervy 'friend' to. One would wonder. Now also a rising star in the climate change question, having proposed lockdowns as a possible means of tackling the 'emergency'. Is there no limit to this mans talents. This is completely deranged nonsense of course (and should be treated a such) from, socially awkward oddballs who have now proven themselves to be the enemy of people who value freedom and wish to live their lives unfettered from the meddling of bureaucratic overreach. Their dictates from behind the guilded walls of their institutions, which have no financial effect on them, have had an enormously negative impact upon the lives of ordinary people and should have repercussions. Instead they are invited back on mainstream television, ready to once more, espouse their views completely unchecked. No fair and open debate or scrutiny of any kind. This list of infractions is a conservative one and could have gone on for many pages and only touches upon those on this side of the Atlantic. Dr. Anthony Fauci in the USA, has a whole book dedicated to his misgivings.

A new cult of 'scientism' has emerged and its loyal followers refuse to see any falliblity in the wisdom of its cardinals. Madness appears to be the default for academia in the modern age.

The men in the white coats need to come for the men in the white coats.

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