The Spell Is Slowly Breaking

The spell is slowly breaking across the world.

A dark cloud is finally lifting from above the head of humanity, as with each passing day more positive news stories emerge.

The masks need to be burned though as this is a powerful occult symbol of the reverence the people who willingly wear it, hold for these middle of the the road, talentless and even malevolent bureaucrats such as Tony Holohan and Paul Reid, on 6 figures a year.

Also to gatekeepers and equally talentless media personalities like Tubridy, on even bigger salaries, who like the Pied Piper of Montrose, had the masked up clapping seals dancing to his tune like mindless automatons last Friday, because we were officially allowed. While he gleefully conducted the oblivious orchestra of lunatics, maskless.

I am a lot happier than I was last year and huge progress has been made, however, it shows how sick our society is and how much healing is required when the poor children of Ireland - with the acquiescence of the majority of their parents it must be said - are still being systematically abused by the state, in freezing cold classrooms, masked up to the eyeballs, while their mothers meet up for coffee dates, ‘empathising’ with the poor little mites as the bitter sweet combination of froth and chocolate powder from their Cappuccino caresses their tongue and hits the back of their throats. The irony completely lost on them.

It’s mental illness! I’m sorry.

These parents are failing their children,

Others need to fight twice as hard for their kids because they are resisting so no child has a to suffer this. You know deep down it’s wrong but you go along out of cowardice.

Will you take the mask off them on the 17th of February if ‘Tony’ allows you? Think for a second about how pathetic that is. You have relinquished the ownership of your child’s well-being to a failed civil servant who’s incompetence and malfeasance and worse again attempt to cover up such, have led to the mis-diagnosis and eventual deaths of young mothers who deserve to watch their children grow up, a privilege you have, which has been denied to them.

Don’t get annoyed at me and others like me for calling you out and highlighting your cowardice. No, get annoyed at yourself for allowing yourself to be deceived and most importantly get annoyed at them when you realise the only reason your children are still being abused - while the twenty-somethings swap spits on the dance floor of Copper Faced Jacks - is to coerce you into vaccinating them. Why? Because the very same template worked on you! Make life a little bit difficult and you fold like a cheap camera. You have shown your hand and your weakness and they will exploit it to its fullest.

Grow up, band together and fight for your children. They do not deserve this. This is an issue that genuinely disgusts me and that breaks my heart to see little smiles hidden like this, as they sit shivering whilst trying to learn. All parents need do is say no and it ends.

This needs to end now!

The children are the most important thing in every parents life don’t allow these ‘people’ (if that’s what they are) to destroy their self-confidence and emotional development. The psychological impacts of these past 2 years are as of yet unquantifiable, please don’t let it continue. Find your conscience, I beg of you.

For the children.

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