The Real Pandemic

You always have to remember to separate the signal from the noise and that is certainly the case when it comes to western civilization today. After 2 years of rolling Covid lockdowns and other restrictions, the ramifications of what the elites have done to ordinary people in Ireland and throughout the west. We were supposed to have done this to protect each other but many studies recently have concluded that lockdowns had no significant effect on the public health or mortality, but rather imposed significant economic and social costs. One of these costs relates to inflation and the rising cost of living. Much of this is as a result of our hapless government pumping money into the economy via PUP to pay for the ineffective lockdowns. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that in Ireland we do not control our interest rates or monetary policy.

This is all dictated by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Indeed, many economists have predicted that this is what will eventually tear the euro apart, because there are vastly different monetary needs between countries such as Italy and Germany. It does not make sense for us all to be uniformly handled by the European Central Bank which is very germanocentric. The sad fact of the matter is that we are heading for an iceberg and we have not left ourselves enough space or time to turn the boat around. It has occurred through the groupthink that has pervaded politicians in this country who have become stooges for the EU. These people are not nationalist and they have shown that by their disdain for ordinary people who stood in defiance of tyranny throughout the imposition of restrictions which have left us bereft at the time of writing.

However this is not the only problem we face. The covid 19 phenomenon put our housing crisis on the back burner for a few years. This is another issue which has beguiled our media and political class despite it being a simple economic equation. If you create more demand it restricts supply and vice versa. This is one of the first things you learn when you set foot in an economics class. However, it does not fit in with the mass immigration and open borders ideology espoused by all major groups in the Dáil. Despite the fact that it makes no sense, Minister Helen Mc Entee has given an amnesty to many people who have come to Ireland illegally. When asked for clarity by Gript media over the number of people who can actually claim asylum the government haven't been able to tell us exactly how much can come, or at least they did not have proof when Gript media enquired. This braindead scheme championed by minister Mc Entee is in conjunction with her plan to end direct provision, ensuring that each successful asylum seeker will get keys to an apartment or house within three years. Are we not entitled to ask, why don't we look after the Irish people who are homeless first ?

When you add in the recent controversy surrounding gender based violence it is clear to see the pandemic of hypocrisy is alive and well. Minister Helen Mc Entee was able to go and use Ashling Murphy's death as a platform to talk about men harming women and how an entire gender is perpetrating crimes against another. This point seems to be a huge generalisaton but if you take it at face value, why is it so unacceptable to raise the point about crime from people who come here illegally or people we do not vet ? And Minister Mc Entee is directly responsible for this. If she really cared about this violence against women the way she says she does, she would control violent criminals coming here. Under her watch deporations of violent criminals from Ireland fell by half in 2020. So she can spare us the talk of men needing to do better. She needs to do better.

We are currently in one of the darkest periods of our country's history. The Ireland which the leaders of 1916 dreamed of has not come to fruition. We don't create anything anymore, we're a tax haven for pharmaceutical companies and all our politicians seem to care about is big business. We allow vulture funds from China to buy up housing projects even though we have thousands of Irish people homeless and destitute on the streets of our capital city alone. Originally, we had a law in this country that companies had to have a majority of people who were Irish working there. That was the Ireland of which we dreamed. That dream is dead. Together we have to bring it back, stronger than ever before.

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