A Letter To The Populist Movement

I am delighted to be writing today to our populist movement. I have often met you out braving the cold to come to this event or that event in defiance of bad governance. We are the movement in this country who are challenging THE establishment politicians and a mainstream media who are slavishly europhile. When you couple this with European courts undermining Irish rulings on data retention, you realise that if the status quo remains the same we will remain a tributary state to the EU as an institution. We are Jamestown to their Great Britain.

There are three primary things that concern me today. Our health service, our government's response to Covid 19 and our country's relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. All three issues have been distorted by the fake news and we will always, always use papers like this to address their incompetence.

So how in the name of god has our country been left in this state ? We have a health service which is crumbling, a health service which is not fit for purpose, a health service which has had money thrown at it. YOUR MONEY. The Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael government cabal have prioritised lockdowns as a primary means for controlling covid 19 and this has had an impact on the country's health that the media will never portray. Indeed, John Hopkins university recently released a study which concluded that "lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, while they have imposed enormous economic and social costs." There will be no case numbers on RTE every night which details how many people suffered due to missed cancer screenings, cancelled operations and lack of social connection affecting their mental health. These are the forgotten men and women of our country. And we can never stop fighting for them.

This Covid 19 reality led to widespread discrimination of the unvaccinated. The failure of the vaccine rollout to prevent a media led hysteria over case numbers is diametrically opposed to the edict of Emporor Tony Hoolahan the 1st, Who himself said that in the aftermath of the rollout case numbers would cease to be a relevant number as a result of vaccine immunity. Unless we stand up to these lockdown policies, you will never get your lives back. They still have legislation hanging over our head which can bring back these restrictions at any moment. Covid is now widely considered endemic...... Government's control of your lives doesn't have to be.

The most depressing moment for me over the last 2 years came shortly after the first lockdown began. The Irish Independent (a paper I had always read and a paper my father read all his life.) had a paid advertisement from the Chinese Communist Party's ambassador to Ireland. In this piece of paid propaganda he absolved the Communist Party of all blame for the development of this virus from China and instead blamed “the ills of populism”. Populism is defined as representing the people in defiance of a group of disconnected elites. He blamed ordinary people on the streets. He blamed me and you. And the media got paid for it. In the aftermath of this our minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney thanked China for sending us PPE for our floundering healthcare system, only to find that we paid over the odds for it and the PPE that was sent was defective.

It is not the first time our government have been taken for fools by the Chinese Communist Party, they also left us footing the bill for a confucius building they promised to part fund in UCD. In our country where a woke establishment kneels and posts on social media supporting a Black Lives Matter movement that literally burnt cities to the ground, they are conveniently silent on the human rights atrocities committed in China such as the persecution of Tibetan monks, the genocide of Uighur Muslims and the practice of Organ Harvesting. Our elites' failure to stand up to the CCP is an indictment on the people who are supposed to represent us. In fact, some of our representatives actually want a version of “state capitalism with an authoritarian model.”

This ties in with the Irish mainstream media whose nauseating level of moral grandstanding is matched only by the wealth of incompetence they've shown since well before Covid.The Journal.ie's fact check for example have consistently been deemed by the International Fact Checking Network as “non fact checking content”. Their opinion is in the news. Giving a new meaning to Fake News. Many of these journalists don't like Ireland outside the echo chamber of Dublin 4. This was exemplified most recently by the newstalk sports news programme where the journalists lamented the lack of diversity in the Irish Rugby team after beating New Zealand by opining that if the IRFU's underage structure doesn't change we will still be left with “white Irish kids” playing for Ireland. Why is that a bad thing ?

I've always been proud to be a eurosceptic that is advocating the independence and neutrality that was conceptualised by our founders. We are the last stand against a corrupt and incompetent elite. And your continued refusal to bow to Brussels rule, nor the terrible policies inflicted on us in the Dáil is the most romantic movement occuring in Ireland today, but if we do not keep up this fight against this brand of globalism in Ireland, we are lost. To quote Napoleon: “Death is nothing; but to live defeated and without glory is to die every day.”

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