It will get worse before it gets better

I was struck by the boldness of our Taoiseach in his RTE interview with Sarah Mc Inerny this week. Not by any imaginative policy or innovative governance, but rather by his sheer audacity. If we stop to ponder his position for a moment, we see a leader who has his party languishing at 14% in the polls, he has some of his TD’s such as John Mc Guinness proclaiming the government cannot count on their support and on top of that there was clear evidence of the origins of a coup while Mr. Martin was standing aghast in the rubble of Ukraine. This is the background of a man who told the public on Tuesday that “things will get worse before they will get better.” Amusingly, this is one of the few things that the Taoiseach has actually got right, during his premiership. Things will indeed get worse this winter, but we need to examine why.

While our government will point towards the Russia/ Ukraine conflict as the main driver of inflation. We, the people of Ireland, we know better. Inflation has been driven by the ECB policy of quantitative easing (i.e. printing money) and therefore making the euro less valuable. All of the experts said that this would probably lead to parity between the euro and the dollar over the next month. It actually occurred a couple of days after these predictions were made. All of the same “experts” who advised policy which precipitated the economic crash of 2008 are now still guessing about our economic future today. In conjunction with this, the disastrous Covid lockdowns are to blame for this inflation spike.Have no doubt that Covid payments put this inflationary spiral into motion. The great irony is that the government can no longer afford to continue the ill-fated policy of lockdowns even though cases are again rising !!! The coronavirus pandemic has now become endemic despite the “magic bullet” vaccines which we cannot even sell to other countries (as per the Irish times). And why is this you ask ? Because there is no evidence that they had any significant effect on case numbers anywhere. Cast your mind back to 2019 and they were meant to eradicate the virus. This is what we have destroyed the economy for.

On top of all these missteps, we have three competing national crises in the fields of housing, healthcare and energy. Our insipid mainstream media and our stale government both refuse to address the common denominator in all these areas. This common denominator is the economic phenomenon known as supply versus demand. On the very first day of economics class in secondary school every single member of our government would have learnt the very simple premise that increased demand will limit supply. Despite this we are flooding the country with both legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. This is putting such a strain on the state’s scarce resources. In housing for instance, we have such a lack of available housing that there are 10,000 Irish men and women homeless on the street which means that Ukranians and Syrians are taking up hotel space which is effectively killing our tourism industry as hotel prices skyrocket. What incentive is there for anyone to come here on holiday ? What incentive is there for our own citizens to spend their hard earned money for extortionate hotel prices, while asylum seekers get room and board on the taxpayers dime ? The government’s immigration policy is a cancer affecting almost every other facet of policymaking.

If immigration is the cancer then Minister Mc Entee is the malignant tumor itself. The embodiment of everything that is wrong with this government. She never found a virtue she did not want to signal. The deportation of violent criminals has fallen by half since she took office and she talks about protecting women. She debases our citizenship and then tweets about it. She legislates for supposed “hate speech” rather than protecting our health system from being overrun with more people. As this metastasizes, you have Martin propped up by a media labelling him “a decent man” as he blames Putin for the challenges we face. It oddly resembles Joe Biden’s “weekend at bernie’s” impersonation in America. Mícheál Martin, like Joe Biden, is the worst kind of globalist. They don’t even believe in any overarching philosophy or ideals, they simply believe that this status quo of liberal norms is how a modern day democracy should govern. All over the western world and particularly in Ireland where our elites always want to fit in, the corporate governmental technocratic machine is still churning out the same policies which contributed to the rise of populism and they will do so again. But, in the interim the Taoiseach is right. Things will get worse before they get better.

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