How do we stop The Great Reset

The following goals are targets to aim for in order to return Sovereignty to the Irish people


Leaving the EU would be an extrememly effective way of stoping the EU, UN and WEF from doing anymore damage to our resources, our culture and our rights. Removing ourselves from the Eu would return Irish fisheries, Forests and livestock decisions to the Irish. We should have National policy benefiting the Irish directly.

Controlled Migration

Ireland has always been a welcoming place to non nationals and will continue to be, but we need to defend ourseves from Intentionally harmfull Migrant caravans and mass migration in general to keep Ireland Irish. Globalists prey on vunerable populations in counrties with humanitarians crisis' and use "Refugees as weapons" to fullfil their open borders agendas.


The United Nations is currently doing its very best to make Nationalism a dirty word. This is because Nationalists will never bow to them and their open borders. We will never tolerate our culture, identity or constitutional rights to be attacked or diminished. Our constitution and other constitutions around the world are what stand in their way.

Own your Freedom

Acts of defiance against unconstitutional legislation are an obligation of all patriots and you should hold yourself to acount in terms of your actions and your day to day life. We can alll do more in terms of refusal to wear masks and refusing to engage in the vaccine passport system or testing programs. We should all be walking the walk to inspire others to fall into rank.


A support network can include a variety of forms of interaction with a range of people who can support you in different ways. We recommend you diversify your support network and build friendships and partnerships with as many local, independant people and businesses as possible. We provide a list of telegram channels and groups that you should chack out to meet like minded people.

Attending Events

If you havent already we recommend you attend or host an event yourself to see what this whole "freedom" thing is all about. We have an events calaendar that you can download to keep up to date. All are welcome and your support is badly needed to stop this government.

Reject Social Credit System

Under no circumstances will the Irish people accept Chinese Communist-style authorotarianism in our country. This means we must Reject and disrupt the new planned EU Digital ID. Our future depends on it.

Reject Cashless society

The cashless society pipe dream gives complete control of your finances over to the government. Your government, in the pockets of the WEF and the UN will decide what you can and cant do in your daily lives. Cash means freedom. Cash means peer to peer transactions generated by your own concious decisions. Cash is King.